April 19th is the anniversary of the start of the American Revolutionary WarThis year, it also marks the court date for what we hope will be the circuit court hearing on Guns Save Life’s challenge to the FOID Act’s constitutionality.  Yes, while everyone has been watching the dog and pony show (or some train wreck) of the plentiful litigation challenging the new gun ban, the FOID lawsuit has been moving along very slowly.

UPDATE:  The judge has suffered a medical emergency and is unavailable for April 19th’s hearing.  We’re looking to reschedule in early June.  Time will remain 1:30pm.

At this point, we know the hearing will take place at 1:30pm but we don’t know in which courtroom the hearing will take place.  There is a daily docket post on the Sangamon County Court website that you’ll be able to use.  I’ve contacted our legal team to see if they have the court room number.

If you would like to watch history being made, you might swing over to the Sangamon County courthouse that day.  You might even see my grinning face in the gallery.

7 thoughts on “ATTEND IN PERSON: GSL lawsuit hearing coming up <<in June>>”
  1. Elimination of the FOID would be an epic win. It would also be fuel for knocking down various permits in other Commiecrat run “utopias” around the country.

    1. Indeed. This will be an epic victory for civil rights… and a huge setback for the Springfield politicians who blame guns, not gangs, soft-on-crime prosecutors, or bad public policy for Chicago’s endemic crime problem.

  2. Will the ‘leader in protecting our 2A rights’ be present to see the law they helped create go down the crapper?

    1. Funny how @ the IGOLD meeting, they said (the following is my recollection, not verbatim) We are all in the same boat working for the same goal to kill this unconstitutional law. So let’s not tell about what this group is or isn’t doing to help. Then he had the audacity to say that ISRA is leading the charge and others are falling behind. I wanted to call him out right there and then but chose to bite my lip as it would serve no purpose in the end.

  3. Isn’t this just one step on the way to the Illannoy Supreme Court? In that case, what happens there won’t mean a whole lot, as it will immediately get appealed, right?

    1. FOIDS going down PERIOD. Either because of the Bruen decision or because you can’t charge a fee to exercise a right. It will be appealed because Kim Jong Pritzker and Commie Raoul can’t get enough fails. But it will go down. GSL and Mr Boch are the TRUE leaders in restoring liberty to gun rights and all the credit for this massive victory will go to them. Going shopping for the bottle of champaign to celebrate right now.

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