Maryland ranks right up there with Massachusetts when it comes to good guys carrying guns for self-defense.  What’s more, there’s the seldom-exercised provision allowing open carry with a carry license.  Problem is, many if not most cops aren’t familiar with it.  So imagine a heavily tattooed black man on the streets of Baltimore with a Glock on his chest.  Yeah, that certainly puts most cops outside of their comfort zone.

So imagine your a cop in an anti-gun locale in an anti-gun state and you pull over the guy who looks like the photo at the top.  

But YouTuber 2 Guns Dee handles it like a pro.


Here’s another stop where he’s (foolishly) driving a car with expired plates to get some work done on the car…  while having a car full of Class 3 toys.  In Maryland.


Cops here weren’t quite so cool, but 2 Guns Dee was patient, respectful and very polite about it.  Even when they pulled him out of the car and took his guns (plural) off his person.

He even had a smile on his face at times.  Talk about an easy going guy.  That’s probably why the cops sent him on his way with a warning.

They did give him an anal probe though, probably in utter disbelief that this guy was 1000% legal.

It just goes to show that if you treat the cops with respect and courtesy, most of the time you’ll get the same in return.

But it never hurts to have a dash cam running, just in case.

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