There’s stupid and there’s weapons-grade stupid. And then there’s Keith Olbermann.  The guy almost made it from reporting on grade school and high school football games to the bigtime with his own prime-time news and commentary show. Then he lost it – both the show and his grasp of reality.

Keith had (and still has) a couple of problems: he has a caustic personality and he spends too little time outside of his little bubble of fellow kooks.

After seeing the story of the career criminal and felon who illegally possessed a handgun and went out and killed a bunch of people with it earlier this week, Keith the Mensa-wannabe thinks he’s got a solution.

Civil War.

Here’s the transcript if you can’t bear to listen to this guy’s annoying voice:

We are owned by guns. And therefore, there is only one way to stop the mass shootings. It is to suffocate the businesses that make billions of dollars in profits off guns. To destroy the gun lobby, the death lobby, and the Republican party that defends those lobbies and those businesses.

And the only way to do that is an economic civil war. The blue states have all the money. They must starve the red states into submission, or another 600,000 Americans will be murdered in the next ten to twelve years.

The blue states have all the money?  Does he mean Blue States like California and Illinois?

Can you spell douche canoe?

What is a douche canoe?  From Urban Dictionary

A Douche Canoe is an elongated version of a douchebag. Someone so full of themselves and narcissistic tendencies that are eerily misplaced considering they are jobless, live off women, cheat and are generally not able to be classified as anything but a douche canoe.

And look, they posted a convenient image to illustrate!

4 thoughts on “CIVIL WAR? Keith Olbermann calls for CIVIL WAR against guns”
  1. Olbermann is a limousine liberal – he would be the first to lie sniveling curled up in the fetal position should he get the civil war he is clamoring for. This clown is so toxic he couldn’t even keep a job with CNN or PMSNBC, who pander to nothing but unhinged leftist trash.

    No threats at all here on my part – I will simply say that the left should be careful what they wish for. They think that the US descending into civil war would be some sort of picnic for them. I would suggest they actually crack a history book for what one looks like, and then apply modern battlefield weapons to the equation. War is to be avoided, and not tossed out so glibly as this capering asshat would do.

  2. Olbermann is the best proof showing liberalism is a true mental illness. As mentioned above even the garbage fake media won’t hire this loon.

  3. Even an economic “Civil War” might not work out for them big city folk. The “flyover states” is where your food comes from. Good luck starving out those pesky rural areas.

  4. Huckabee was right when she said what we are living now is crazy. But, I do want to say when I compare gas prices in Grundy Co. which leans to the right at 3.65 per gallon to 3.29 – 3.39 in Joliet and Plainfield which lean left (we have been noticing this for a while) maybe this piece of trash is revealing what they are already doing

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