Chicago Public Schools implemented the “Safe Passage Program” a few years ago to help kids navigate gang-infested streets to and from schools each day. The program, according to CPS, provides positive, trusted adults to help escort school children as they travel.

What is “Safe Passage?” Here, we’ll let Chicago Public Schools explain:

Safe Passage Program

The Chicago Public Schools Safe Passage program is offered to select schools to provide a positive, trusted adult presence for students as they travel to and from school.

Safe Passage workers are posted on Safe Passage routes to support children traveling to and from school during arrival and dismissal bell times. You can identify them by their neon-colored Safe Passage vests. Safe Passage workers are employed by community-based organizations that are situated in the school communities that they serve.

Cynical members of the public would note that given the endemic corruption throughout Chicago, there are probably murderers, drug dealers and probably even some child sex offenders working for the program.

Sure enough, the cynics would be right.

Meet Mr. Miguel Morales who until a week or so ago worked as a “Safe Passage” guardian for Chicago Public School children walking the mean streets of Murder City USA to and from school. 

Sergio Gomez (L) and Miguel Morales | Chicago Police Department

In 1993, Mr. Morales was convicted of murder and sentenced to 45 years in prison. Of course in Illinois, prison sentences are a lot like dog years in reverse and Mr. Morales was released from prison early. He applied for and received a part-time job working as a Chicago Public Schools Safe Passage guardian.

And in his spare time since last November, according to Chicago Police, he sold cocaine and who knows what else to an undercover cop. Oh yeah, he helped facilitation the sale of a gun too – just for good measure.

So a murderer is a positive, trusted adult presence for students?  Especially one police say is selling cocaine on a regular basis and a gun on occasion? Who is vetting these prospective Safe Passage staffers?

On Monday, I called the number on Chicago Public Schools website for their office of Safety and Security and got an answering machine.  I asked them to provide me with the number of “Safe Passage” workers with homicide convictions, sex-related convictions and gun crime convictions. They called back about an hour later and said they didn’t have that number but that I should contact their communications people.

So I called the Communications people at CPS.  I asked them if they could provide me a total number of murderers, sex offenders and drug offenders working the streets as Safe Passage workers or elsewhere for CPS.  They refused to comment on the phone and asked that I email a query.  I did so, sending the query to as well as to the three senior members listed on the communications webpage.

They did not furnish a reply. How many more drug dealers, killers and child sex offenders does Chicago Public Schools employ? How many are they hiding from parents and members of the public?

CWB Chicago has the gory details or Mr. Morales:

Chicago — Two gang intervention workers, one of whom is also a Safe Passage worker, sold a gun to an undercover Chicago police officer during a long-term narcotics investigation, prosecutors said Saturday. Both men are also convicted murderers.

Assistant State’s Attorney Zachary Peasall said that the arrests were part of a “complex” drug investigation that has been going on since November.

On December 7, 49-year-old Miguel Morales sold about 30 grams of cocaine to an undercover officer for $1,200 and then reported for work as a Safe Passage employee in the 6300 block of South Rockwell, Peasall said. The officer allegedly bought cocaine from Morales “several” other times during the course of the investigation.

Folks, if you’re not paying attention to who works around your kids in their schools, you should be.

4 thoughts on “Chicago Public Schools has drug-dealing, gun-selling murderer working as ‘Safe Passage’ staffer… Declines to identify how many other murderers, child sex offenders and other violent criminals work for CPS”
  1. What in the hell? They’ve got murderers safeguarding children? My God.
    Convicted killers is bad enough, but selling drugs and guns too?
    What could possibly go wrong?

    1. Sam, this is Chitcago, the “safe-passage” overseers might be trafficking the drugs/firearms they get from the “students”, low income needs a “side hustle” after all. (sarcasm?)

  2. Don’t they collect fingerprints and run background checks on everyone coming anywhere near the children? Next thing you know, tomorrow’s Jeffrey Dahmer or John Wayne Gacy will be working as a safe passage worker! Only in Chicago.

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