On Monday evening, a concealed carry license holder’s home surveillance system detected a prowler outside his home in the Wrigleyville neighborhood of Chicago. Moments later, the homeowner found the “alleged” prowler in his garage looking for stuff to steal. In a miracle of sorts, Chicago Police arrived less than a minute after dispatch and took Tyler Hamlin, 31, into custody.

Turns out Mr. Prowler has not made his court appearances on previous violent offenses either.

From CWB Chicago:

Chicago — A Chicago man is facing burglary charges after a concealed carry holder caught him red-handed and held him at gunpoint until cops arrived, prosecutors said.

Tyler Hamlin, 31, already had two active felony warrants, and now he’s charged with burglary.

The concealed carry holder received a security alert showing someone was on his porch with a flashlight in the 3500 block of North Fremont in Wrigleyville around 8:30 p.m. Monday.

Meet Tyler Hamlin. According to his attorney, Tyler attended the University of Illinois Chicago and attained a degree in psychology and gender and women’s studies.  His attorney also says that lil’ Tyler is both unemployed and “unhoused.” That UIC degree in gender studies really has paid off gloriously for Tyler, hasn’t it?

Bad decisions lead to bad outcomes. Piling up a mountain of student loans for a degree in gender and women’s studies (and don’t forget psychology!) isn’t a winning play in life.

Life is hard. It’s harder if you make stupid choices.

Like not paying for your cab fare in January 2020.

Yeah, a soy boy needs milk and soymilk is expensive. He ain’t got no time for paying cab fares when there’s estrogen-rich soy milk just waiting for him at Walgreens or Jewel-Osco.  (I can hear it now…  Soy milk doesn’t have estrogen in it!  Well, soy converts to estrogen in your body.) 

Then Mr. Gender Studies attacked the cab driver and an Illinois State Trooper. 

Mr. Soy didn’t get an A in Critical Thinking 101. Or in Kindness 098.

From Shaw Local:

A Chicago man riding in a taxicab on Interstate 57 in Will County was arrested after he struck the driver, kicked a state trooper and failed to pay the fare, according to the Illinois State Police.

On Saturday, state troopers responded to a report of a battery involving a taxi driver and his passenger in the northbound lanes of I-57 near Sauk Trail, said Illinois State Police Trooper DeAnn Falat. The location is near Richton Park and Governors State University.

Tyler D. Hamlin, 28, of the 4000 block of North Sheridan Road was a passenger in the taxi, Falat said. He allegedly did not pay for his ride, she said.

A criminal complaint filed against Hamlin alleged he struck the taxi driver. The complaint also alleged he kicked and struck a state trooper who responded to the incident.

Hamlin also allegedly pulled away while he was handcuffed by the state trooper, the complaint said.

Judge William Fahy said Hamlin could be released on electronic monitoring without posting cash bail in the burglary case.

But Fahy also held Hamlin without bail for an outstanding warrant in a criminal damage case for which he is on probation. Prosecutors said the criminal damage matter was initially charged as aggravated arson, but Hamlin pleaded it down.

Probation? Only in Cook County could you be charged with a Class X felony of aggravated arson and plead it down to criminal damage to property.

Tyler also had a couple of arrest warrants…  could they be from an April 2022 arrest for battery. Seems soy boy likes to work with his hands. Maybe they’ll give him a chance to apply that gender studies degree in prison. 

Eh, who are we kidding. It’s Cook County. He’ll be released to a hug from grandma after a quick visit to the “restorative justice” court.

4 thoughts on “WIN: Chicago CCW holder holds ‘unemployed, unhoused’ college grad burglar at gunpoint”
  1. Ain’t she precious? That is one tall drink of soy princess. Wrigleyville used to be relatively safe a couple of decades ago but…you know…Democrats.

    1. Wonder if (s)he will get to her/his projected destiny: incarceration, to meet up with her/his new BBBF (BigBlackBoyFriend), Bubba, where they can explore the degree she/he studied “psychology and gender and women’s studies”, (or was it Trans-gender) to enjoy pre-marital bliss with no worries of room/board/food subsistence all at taxpayer expense. I wouldn’t want this slug’s life. What is wrong with our education “system”, or is it all “parental guidance”?

  2. They don’t serve soy milk in jail. He (sorry if I trigger him using the wrong pronouns) might start getting erections again if he stops with the soy milk long enough. He sure does have a purse mouth though.

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