Mayor Lightfoot had to look long and hard to find an incompetent nincompoop to run the Chicago Police Department that would prove so feckless and inept that he (or she) would make “da Mayor” look competent by comparison. She found that man (mark?) in David Brown, pictured above. 

Brown hailed from Dallas PD. Word has it that he flies home to Dallas every weekend, so it’s not like his heart was in Chicago. Just his wallet and his left foot.

Given how he’s promoted equally inept “merit” hacks even higher into leadership positions, and run out a few decent people who earned their senior management slots, David Brown owns a lot of the mayhem and chaos that has led to even lower morale than many thought possible. And J-Fled, Gary McCarthy, and Eddie Johnson certainly have one-upped each of their respective predecessors when it came to running the department into the ditch.

WBEZ has the story of Brown readying his lifeboat for an escape from Murder City USA.

Aides to embattled Chicago Police Supt. David Brown have begun preparing a “legacy document” of his accomplishments and goals, apparently laying the groundwork for his exit, a source told the Sun-Times.

With crime the top issue on the minds of Chicago voters, all eight mayoral challengers have vowed to fire Brown. Lightfoot has promised to retain him, and has been denying rumors of his imminent exit since a few months after he arrived from Dallas in 2020.

The police chief needs aides? I could see an administrative assistant, but aides? 

For the record, GSL would nominate John Catanzaro as CPD’s new police chief.  If the new mayor really wants to lower crime they should be all over Catanzaro. If not, they can hire some other woke candidate who meets multiple intersectional demographics… such as a Satan-worshipping, gay minority pacifist missing a leg who can’t read and insists upon the pronouns of they/them. Have I missed any grievance categories?

5 thoughts on “Chicago PD Superintendent David Brown readies his lifeboat for flying back to Dallas one last time”
  1. Groot hates Catenzara (and all other real police). She had him driven from Chicago PD into forced retirement and Downtown Brown was who she used to do the dirty work. Brown is part bootlick, part politician. The rank and file can’t stand him.

    Whether Groot gets tossed or not is irrelevant, since they are just trading one communist pig for another no matter who wins. As long as they elect Democrats, Chicago will always be a sewer, just like every other city run by Democrats.

  2. Dallas getting their idiot class raised by one. He will be well taken care of by the left… prolly get another chief job for some woke mayor in some other urban shithole.

  3. The Downtown Brown Clown resigned today, so he must figure that Lightgroot is doomed, and so is he.

  4. I thought Texas law enforcement are hard-core crime stoppers. Mayor lightweight must have had an “inside track” to find one that would follow her “crime/criminal-first” agenda so she could hold onto her crime-loving image. Good riddance to this despicable bureaucRAT, hope “the groot” follows him out. Not that I really care about Chit-cago crime, trouble is, Chit-cago crime spreads to the rest of the state.

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