Our friends over at The Center Square try to walk on eggshells, given they try to provide fair and balanced coverage and the political class in Illinois are by and large just a hint left of center. They just published a story about how court rulings against gun control schemes could have “ramifications” within Illinois.

Ya think?

We wrote about it days ago. Come to think of it, maybe they’re grabbing our stuff, making it more easily tolerated by the gun haters and republishing it.  (Hint: Another reason to visit GSL daily and to have your family and friends keep up to date here as well…)


Here it is:

(The Center Square) – Recent court cases across the country challenging gun regulations could be an issue for conversation at the Illinois statehouse as the state faces a bevy of lawsuits over its gun and magazine ban.

After last year’s U.S. Supreme Court ruling in a New York case challenging that state’s gun laws, a new precedent was set. Gun rights advocate Todd Vandermyde said no longer are courts to balance public safety with fundamental rights. Instead, he said, courts are to rule on the text and tradition of the Second Amendment as a “supercharged right.”

“Courts around the country are taking the New York decision, which some call Bruen, to heart,” Vandermyde told The Center Square.

One recent federal case decided by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit had a panel find the prohibition of someone possessing a firearm because they’re the subject of a civil domestic violence order, not a criminal conviction, is unconstitutional. The decision could have impacts on states with so-called “red flag laws” like Illinois.

Another case out of Oklahoma had a U.S. District Court judge rule a federal law prohibiting marijuana users from owning firearms is unconstitutional.

Illinois state Rep. Justin Slaughter, D-Chicago, who chairs the House Judiciary Committee that held hearings on Illinois’ gun and magazine ban before it was approved and enacted, sees the way courts across the country are handling different cases and is open to further discussions.

Blah blah blah. Ol’ (appropriately named) Justin Slaughter (D-Murder City USA) is “open to further discussions”? LOL.  

“We’ll be sure not to kind of step on the toes of what the judiciary and our courts will be embarking upon, but we certainly want to have the conversation,” Slaughter told The Center Square. “More so from the perspective of doing a subject matter hearing. Hearing the concerns, hearing the questions, getting clarity on certain perspectives.”

He wants to continue infringing on your 2A rights while he “studies” the issue in hearings, hearings and hearings. Probably like the subject matter hearings before at the end of last year where gun rights advocates were specifically unwelcome to show up and talk until the final “subject matter hearing” and at that one, our friends faced 2 minute limits on their comments. While the gun grabbers on the committee played Candy Crush on their phones.

Sorry Justin. Talk to the hand.

We’ve seen your friend Kwame in court. He isn’t very impressive.

4 thoughts on “YA THINK? Court rulings against gun control across U.S. could have ramifications in Illinois”
  1. We are done talking. This was the final straw here in Illinois, and Bruen is our salvation. The Supreme Court considers 2A under Bruen to be a ‘supercharged right’ for the individual. It is time to use it to the fullest measure to destroy ALL gun control infringements Federal, State and Local. 2A is our law; we need no other.

    The courts are following the lead of SCOTUS. The wind is now at our backs, and we must use it.

  2. The 2Ais not a “Supercharged Right”. Bruen makes it equal to other rights. Do you think a license to go to church would fly? How about a background check before you subscribe to a magazine or newspaper? What it they limited you choices on the internet to approved sites? No other right has as many laws and regulations restricting it to the rich and politically connected as does the 2A.

    The 2A is no longer a second hand right.

    1. You do have a good point about licensing, and I agree with it. I firmly believe that all gun control schemes run afoul of 2A and are unconstitutional. It has only been in the last 15 years or so that the courts have finally clearly defined that 2A is an individual right. Most of the gun control we have had to put up with for my entire adult life has been built on the erroneous assumption that alone in the Bill of Rights, 2A was not an individual right. Bruen tore down that wall. No longer can the state use such arbitrary standards as balancing ‘need’ vs. ‘public safety concerns’. The Macon County judge, in his TRO ruling, made it clear what the Illinois Constitution considers the militia to be, for example. If anything, the Illinois constitution actually goes even further than the US Constitution in its protections of individual rights. His ruling was very enlightening.

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