“Just give them what they want”?

You’re less likely to be injured or killed resisting an attack with a firearm!

Carry. Fight. Cheat. Win. Live to see another day! Do it for the people who love you.

The store clerk, Parmvir Singh, was shot in the head and killed a fraction of a second after this photo.

Not safe for work, folks.  But violence isn’t pretty.  It’s savage.  And you better have the mindset that it can happen to you.

Better to die fighting on your two feet than on your knees pleading for mercy.




5 thoughts on “This is why we fight…”
  1. Wow… I concur. “Give them what they want” didn’t work on Sept. 11th and it doesn’t work today. We should replace that mindset with “Give them what they deserve.” Which is a face full of hot lead. Or maybe a gut shot so it takes a while to die. Stupid should hurt more.

  2. These are vicious subhuman animals. Life means nothing to them. In this day and age, if you comply, you die. You must resist to the end.
    Our governments have failed us miserably. They do not protect us. They release these violent scumbags and allow them to prey upon us, while denying us the right to defend ourselves. They seek to criminalize us while protecting the ‘rights’ of these felons.
    We will NOT comply with the likes of Joe Biden, Fatboy Pritzker, Don Harmon and Bob Morgan.

    1. I think that there was more respect for life in the wild west than there is today. Today, these criminals have no soul at all. They are dead inside. They will kill you for a nickel, even if you give them exactly what they want.

      In many ways, they remind me of the average liberal politician. They are dead inside as well. They could care less for public safety. Everything is control and consolidation of power to them. While they don’t hold a gun to our heads, they are certainly not afraid to wield the crushing weight of government as their weapon against the average citizen, who is powerless to fight back against them. You saw exactly how government reacted to even their soldiers that refused to be vaccinated. Or throwing people in the DC Gulag for doing nothing more than entering the US Capitol. Our government hates its peasants. All these gun control efforts show you just how much. Listen to their words, and decide if your welfare is their priority.

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