Congrats to Tom Devore.  He scored a Temporary Restraining Order in Round One of the battles of his lawsuit.  While he won the initial battle, there is ZERO chance that Attorney General Kwame Raoul will not file an appeal at the Illinois Supreme Court.

For more on who this will (and won’t) benefit, be sure to see our earlier analysis today.

From Edgar County Watchdogs:

Effingham, IL. (ECWd) – A Temporary Restraining Order has been issued from Effingham County Judge Joshua Morrison enjoining all Defendants (Governor Pritzker, Speaker of the House Welch, Senate President Harmon, AG Raoul) or any law enforcement of administrative agency under its control from exercising any color of authority to enforce any and all elements of HB5174, against all Plaintiffs named in this action.

Read the TRO below – see Docket Entry (here):

[Emphasis added.]


6 thoughts on “Temporary Restraining Order Issued in Effingham County”
  1. Good news, now we need to enact the “death blow” to the unconstitutional piece of crap “law”!

  2. This has to be very disappointing to Jelly Bean and his little communist buddy Kwame. I am kind of surprised they prevailed given this was largely on the merits of the political fakery they pulled to get this through. The judge seemed to really dislike what they pulled to get this through.

    The real work will be on the merits of the Second Amendment, Heller, McDonald and Bruen. We will prevail.

  3. Great news for the good guys! Bravo!
    (The end of the world, or so it seems, for the nanny-state authoritarian scumbags.)

    1. We’re waiting for court dates and hearings for other suits. Typically federal courts don’t move as quickly as state courts.

  4. If Devore’s case gets the law thrown out on technical grounds, will that negate other cases on constitutional grounds?

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