Poor Governor J.B. Pritzker.  He thought he was going to look like presidential material signing HB-5471, the gun control bill that bans America’s hottest-selling self-defense firearms and imposes gun registration upon Illinois residents.  He even signed it behind a podium that looks like the presidential podium.

Within a few hours, a couple of dozen Illinois sheriffs told him to go pound sand.  Then some county boards got involved and by the end of yesterday, ninety sheriffs and/or county boards told the governor to POUND SAND.  This includes both Democrat and Republican county sheriffs.

Image via Reddit.

Yes, what Pritzker thought was going to be a master stroke of political genius has turned into a master class in political embarrassment.  Pritzker looks impotent.  He’s probably asking Jimmy Durkin if he can borrow some of Durkin’s little blue pills.

Oh, what a shame.

Donate to FFL-IL’s legal fund for our Illinois attorneys and the Second Amendment Law Center if you want to help us help rub JB Pritzker’s nose in the humiliation of defeat.  If you want more information before you open your checkbook, visit this page for more background information.  

8 thoughts on “GO POUND SAND: 90 Sheriffs & County Boards Deliver Message to Governor Jelly Bean”
  1. Commissar Pritzker has the sads. You can bet the rest of those southern Illinois counties are going to go red as well. Probably central Illinois too. I am guessing about 98 of 102 are going to refuse to enforce before its all over. Local LEOs want nothing to do with this scam. ISP doesn’t have the resources to begin to try and go door to door, even if they really wanted to.
    Kicked in a donation to the FFL-IL effort last night, and will donate as much as I can each pay period until we destroy this communist attack on our Constitution. I hope all gun owners will do the same.

  2. Can anyone tell me why these same corrupt Politicians in Illinois keep getting elected, what the hell is wrong with the voters. They screw the people every chance they get, and no one cares. These corrupt Politicians are laughing all the way to the bank.

    1. Because Chicago. If you live south of I-80, you have zero representation in this state. I want a divorce.

  3. Good for our sheriffs. Shame on Lake and Champaign Counties. Then again, Champaign Co.’s sheriff is part of the gay mafia. Promotions come easier for alphabet types, including his chief deputy who got her job based upon her sexual orientation, not skill sets or leadership abilities. The apple didn’t fall far from the sheriff’s tree in her appointment. I know more that a few high quality staff have bailed, too.

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