Two weeks ago, earlier in the day from our Decatur Guns Save Life meeting, Decatur police stopped a bad guy with a pair of handguns in the car with him.  Jamontey O. Neal ran his mouth, as certifiable bad guys often do, saying one thing while his body was doing something entirely different.  HINT:  Pay attention to the criminal’s hands, not his mouth.

Anyway, ol’ Jamontey the sexual predator must have watched too many rap videos or movies.  He thought he was gonna be able to shoot his way out of an arrest.

WAND-TV has the story today.

In fact, his first flurry of shots scored multiple hits on Sgt. Tim Wittmer and a single hit upon a second officer.  Wittmer collapsed to the ground, hit in the face, hand, arm and leg yet he still managed to fire his gun to save his life.  Then when he had a malfunction, he cleared the jam and resumed shooting until slide lock despite his serious injuries.  His rounds, and those of his fellow officers saved his life and who knows how many more lives that night.

As for Jamontey?  He was leaking a lot after soaking up a lot of hits.  An ambulance took him to the hospital, but he was pretty much dead already.

We are pleased to report that Sgt. Wittmer and another officer shot in the abdomen both survived their wounds.  Even better, the two have been released from hospital stays since the October 12th incident.

Here’s the bodycam video from the incident.  Note how Neal says repeatedly that he has nothing, but his body language and actions tell a very different story.

Obviously NSFW, graphic violence and language.

Like Detroit, Decatur, IL was once a beautiful city supported by manufacturing and industry.  With many of those jobs gone, it’s gone downhill especially in the old working-class neighborhoods that have turned into slums.  Decatur’s police department tries to keep a lid on the violence.

Those officers showed great courage under fire to engage with a bad guy with murderous intent.

We’re very glad and relieved that they survived the incident.  We wish them the best with their recovery and coping with the aftermath of using deadly force against another human being.  Residents and guests of Decatur are very lucky to have such men standing between them and the criminals in their city.


4 thoughts on “COURAGE UNDER FIRE: Decatur cop, shot multiple times, decisively engages would-be cop killer at 10 feet [Graphic VIDEO]”
  1. OMG wow! Training pays off for the sergeant. Beyond impressive. That thug thought he was a whole lot better than he really was. Guess those rap videos didn’t prep him for fighting good guys with real skills.

  2. Aimed accurate fire always trumps the “Gang Banger style”
    Officers did their job as proper training ended the threat.

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