Welcome to the Land of Lincoln where Democrat politicians love to protect criminals while ignoring the victims of crime.  Sometimes, however, Darwin smiles down upon us.  Recently a nine-time felon – out on affordable bail on his latest felony charges – shot himself in the ass at a gas station while adjusting his pants.

Even more remarkable is the perforated perp worked for a taxpayer-supported “anti-violence” non-profit. Those tax dollars are allegedly spent to prevent bad guys — like convicted felons who illegally possess firearms —  from shooting one another.

Technically shooting one’s self in the ass might actually qualify as preventing future “gun violence” so maybe this is fulfilling his job description.

CWB Chicago has the story:

A nine-time convicted felon who was on felony bail for allegedly battering an Illinois State trooper during a protest that featured Chicago’s “Dreadhead Cowboy,” accidentally shot himself in the butt at a Bucktown gas station, and then lied about what happened, prosecutors said Thursday.

Gregory Sherman, 43, works full-time as an anti-violence worker, “out there on the street, trying to lower the criminal and dangerous issues that are going on in our community,” his private defense attorney said. …

On July 9, Sherman walked into St. Elizabeth Hospital after a bullet passed entirely through his left butt cheek and struck his right foot, Assistant State’s Attorney Steven Haamid said. He allegedly told Chicago cops that he had been closing a dispensary in the 1500 block of North Milwaukee when there was a fight outside, and someone fired shots, striking him as he walked by. …

Surveillance video from the gas station allegedly showed a flash around Sherman’s back pocket area as he adjusted his pants while waiting in line.

Note that according to CWB Chicago, Sherman is the 31st person accused of shooting or killing someone while out on affordable bail. We all know how gun control advocates love to justify their futile laws by saying, “If it saves just one life….” That sound you don’t hear is their deafening silence reacting to the “gun violence” and innocent people who are victimized by those walking the streets on “affordable bail.”

As for Mr. Sherman — the nine-time, soon to be 11-time — loser was sentenced to four 10-year sentences in 2015 for holding up taxis, yet there he was, released early and once more packing heat on the streets of Chicago while out on bail for aggravated battery of a peace officer. So don’t waste your pity on this fool who shot himself while adjusting his gat.

It’s only a shame he didn’t practice appendix carry.

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  1. Yeah, another reason to move out of Illinois. Pity Hammond, Indiana isn’t very nice anymore, with more property crimes than where I live now in the wonderful South Suburbs….

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