Take-home squad cars generally serve as a huge net positive for not only the officers, but also the community at large.  It increases the visibility of police to passersby and gives ne’er-do-wells like Devin Krueger a half-a-second to reconsider victimizing people nearby.  The downside is that it identifies the home as that of a police officer.  So for all of the fringe cop-hating snowflakes, it can become a lightning rod for their mental instability.

I found the story doing research on a story about the Decatur, IL police officer shot in the line of duty this year.

Anyway, WAFF has the story and the video

DECATUR, Ala. (WAFF/Gray News) – In a shocking scene caught on camera, an off-duty police officer was hit by a car in front of his own home.

According to a Decatur Police spokesperson, the off-duty officer was at his home Tuesday when 54-year-old Gregory Martin Hill approached in a Jeep.

Police said as the officer was approaching the Jeep to see if he needed assistance, Hill began to curse at the officer. The driver then backed out, hitting another car and a mailbox before driving toward the officer in what police said seemed to be an attempt to run him over. In the attempt, Hill hit a tree.

WAFF reports that, while the officer was heading inside of his home to get his duty weapon and handcuffs, the driver got out of his Jeep and followed the officer into his carport.

This lunatic tried to run the cop down.  The cop then ran for his house radioing for help.  Amazingly, the would-be cop killer hopped out of his Jeep and approached the cop’s front door.  No doubt to render aid I’m sure his public defender will claim.  Yeah, render aid.

As the raging would-be cop killer got closer to the door, he reconsidered his mode of attack and retreated to the Jeep.

When the cop came out and put him at gunpoint, Mr. Hill continued his vehicular-borne attack and once more tried to run the cop over, this time actually striking the cop’s legs with his Jeep.  The lunatic then ceased his attack only when the cop began shooting.

The off-duty cop’s rounds all missed their mark though indicating that he needs more range time or larger magazines.  Or he should have brought a long gun to the party

As for the lucky attacker, his face looks looks like he fell down the stairs a couple of times while resisting arrest.

Lessons to be learned?

First off, stupid can be painful and life-threatening.

Secondly, for the good guy here, a quick review of gunfighting rules.

What’s the first rule of gunfighting?  Don’t be there.

The second rule?  Bring a gun.

The third rule?  Bring a long gun.

And the fourth rule?  Bring all your friends with long guns.

Deploying a long gun would have been the smarter move than the handgun.  Specifically, given the ranges, a nice 12 gauge would have been a fight-stopper.  Especially with a rifled slug as first round up, followed by buckshot.  That would have stopped both Hill and potentially his Jeep as well.

Also, it’s too bad he didn’t have a good neighbor or two to bring a boomstick to bear.

Here’s the video.  Enjoy.  Mildly NSFW, just in case you’re wondering.

Gregory Hill now faces attempted murder charges.  Yeah, he’ll be spending a few Christmases in prison to give him to to reflect on his mental instability and cop hate.  

The other lesson to be learned from this incident?  Home carry is a thing.  If your carry rig (holster) is comfy, you should not even realize the gun’s there after a while.  But when you need it, it’s a second or two from deployment.

I leave mine on at home not because I’m expecting Mr. Hill to see me and try to run me down in his Jeep but because it’s easier to leave it on than to take it off and securely store it away from unauthorized little fingers.

2 thoughts on “DECATUR, AL: Lessons in aftermath of cop attacked at his residence [with video!]”
  1. We teach our students to carry when they are home. Home robberies are increasing in frequency. You can carry in your home and yard without a concealed carry permit. I am a little surprised this police officer was not carrying an off duty weapon.

  2. Wow. Someone didn’t take their anti-psychotic pills that morning! Glad cop’s okay. Kind of sad the lunatic is still living.

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