Some members of the Naperville City Council want to virtue signal to their fellow gun-hating leftists by banning sales of commonly sold self-defense firearms in their city. Of course, gun owners opposed this proposal that would hurt the poor, women and people of color.

Law Weapons’ deuce-and-a-half transport truck proved a great soundstage for the speakers. Here’s Kelly Lestina speaking.

On Saturday, August 13th, ahead of the August 16th Naperville City Council meeting, Law Weapons and Supply in Naperville hosted a Second Amendment rally in front of their business. Close to fifty nearby residents turned out to hear presentations by Todd Vandermyde, the famous gun lobbyist, Robert Bevis, the store’s owner, as well as Kelly Lestina, Julie Puls, John Boch and others in an effort to unify our messaging and plan strategy for countering the gun control advocates’ efforts to block the sales of America’s favorite rifle and the magazines that feed them.

It proved a very family friendly event with people of all ages sharing fellowship and conversation ahead of the speakers.  Julie Puls and Kelly Lestina worked the attendees to sign them up either as speakers for the council meeting or to have them email city council members to oppose the measure.

Other suburban cities are reportedly watching closely to see what Naperville does with their proposed ordinance, ready to implement their own bans on the sale of certain guns in their communities. They know they can’t ban them, so they’re trying to do the next best thing even though court precedent has already spoken on the matter against the gun control advocates.




2 thoughts on “GUN CONTROL IS RACIST: Naperville rallies to oppose gun sales ban ordinance”
  1. I remember when JPFO promoted the GranPa Jack booklet “Gun Control is Racist”

    Think God the TRUTH is finally being recognized.

    I miss Aaron Zelman, He was a Patriot

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