From left, Congresswoman Mary Miller, Kelly and Scott Hall and Congresswoman Lauren Boebert. Image via John Boch used with permission.

While most gun owners don’t take a great deal of interest in politics, plenty of politicians take more than a passing interest in them. So with just a few days’ notice, nearly two hundred people showed up at a gun rights political rally held in Quincy, Illinois on Saturday. There they heard Colorado’s rock star pro-gun activist Congresswoman Lauren Boebert, along with the Land of Lincoln’s own Congresswoman Mary Miller (a Guns Save Life member, by the way) talk about gun rights, politics in Washington and a number of local issues.

For someone who’s a petite 5 feet tall and 100 pounds, Boebert’s got a big voice and she’s not afraid to use it. She’s rankled Nancy Pelosi since before taking office and she’s been a big voice for freedom and gun rights since she arrived.

I served as the M.C. for Saturday’s event. Hours before, when I greeted Congresswoman Boebert, I told her I was honored to meet a real rock star from Congress.  She laughed. “I’m no rock star. I’ve just got a big mouth.”

Following a small luncheon, we travelled to a Holiday Inn conference room where nearly two hundred people awaited the Colorado freshman Congresswoman along with Illinois’ Mary Miller.

I spoke about how politicians in Illinois and elsewhere are passing “criminal justice reform” laws which are putting bad guys back out on the streets instead of in prison. Then these same politicians blame gun owners for the crimes committed by these gang members out on early release from prison or on “affordable bail” pending trial.

Meanwhile, contrast high-crime areas like Chicago where politicians tell residents to call 911 instead of grabbing their guns, with low-crime Florida where sheriffs tell their constituents to it’s OK to shoot home invaders.

Congresswoman Miller, running in a tough primary fight, spoke about her appreciation for guns, gun rights and self-defense. She attacked a five-term Rep. Rodney Davis as weak on guns, promoting the dangerous Violence Against Women Act that he co-sponsored with Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN). As passed, VAWA would greatly expand the number of gun owners who could be stripped of their right to keep and bear arms without due process. It includes “emotional distress” as part of its definition of domestic abuse, a claim that’s sure to be repeatedly used and abused as a weapon in domestic disputes.

Rep. Davis has lobbied Nancy Pelosi for a national Red Flag law that would put the rights of all gun owners in America in danger. He earned the Brady Campaign’s “Gun Violence Defender Award” for that back in 2019.  Thanks Rodney.  It’s no wonder Rodney has ghosted us repeatedly when we’ve invited him to speak at GSL meetings.

Oh yes, Davis also voted for the National Defense Authorization Act which included a Red Flag law that can strip military members of their gun rights (and their jobs) without due process.  Great work Rodney.  We hope you didn’t miss one of those important steak dinners to make that vote.

Rep. Boebert then spoke. For the better part of forty minutes, she dazzled the audience with the story of how she took out a squishy, five-term Republican incumbent to win her Colorado seat.  Since she won that election, she’s been a strong voice for not only her constituents but for freedom-loving Americans.  Kind of like Mary Miller has been with her constituents.

“I’m a RINO hunter,” Lauren Boebert bragged to great applause. This includes Republicans who don’t do a very good job supporting the right of law-abiding Americans to own guns – kinda like RINO Rodney Davis.

She attacked Biden administration officials who would flood the nation with law-breakers and who would divert Veterans Assistance monies to instead pay for health care for illegal aliens.  Boebert called for the impeachment of not only slow-Joe Biden, but also DHS Secretary Mayorkas for his handling of the border crisis and the proposal for the new “Ministry of Truth” within the DHS.

Following Congresswoman Boebert’s remarks, I reminded folks that a representative from the National Rifle Association’s Institute for Legislative Action was present in the rear of the room for those who would like to speak with him. Rumors that the NRA-ILA has abandoned Illinois are more than a little false.

The Congresswomen took time to pose for photos with attendees.

Among those present were a few political candidates including GSL member Patricia Bonk who is running for the Illinois State Representative in the 30th House District near Chicago.

GSL member Mary Miller, left, with another GSL member, Patricia Bonk, candidate for Illinois State Representative in the 30th House District, Lauren Boebert, and Mr. Patricia Bonk. Image by Boch.

Following the photos, the two Congresswomen asked for the police officers working the event to join them for a photo.

It was a classy way to close the event, showing appreciation and thanks for the men and women who kept those in attendance safe.

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  1. We need more of these types of meetings; Having our Representatives and Candidates at these meetings is critical for the future of our State and Nation.

    Illinois as a State is failing. We need to reach out to “ALL” Pro-gun, Pro-Liberty people to have any chance to turn this around.

    I, Like many others, support Darren Bailey but Darren needs Coattails.

    I hope Darren is reaching out to anyone that will support the 2nd amendment

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