Some people are just nuts.  Others, with a heaping helping of evil and hate, drift from nuts to homicidal.   In this case, Adam Cobb, the man seen in this above bodycam still, went off the deep end and attacked his girlfriend who wanted to break up with him.  He shot and killed Jamie Joiner, along with her sister Jessica who was trying to help her move out in a rented UHaul truck.  And the family dog.  It all happened in rural Collinsville.  

Here’s a more detailed report of the crime scene.

Unfortunately, Jamie and her sister didn’t have access to a gun.  Jamie did have access to a landline phone and 911 operators did record her call for help.  Given her proximity to the phone, they believe it was her voice that called to report her armed boyfriend’s arrival.  And the sound of her pleading for her life and the shots that ended her life and that of her sister.  And the dog.

From there, police tracked the double murderer and dog killer via his cell phone.  It didn’t take too long before cops saw him not too far from Hillsboro, IL.  ISP eventually stopped him (possibly on Rt. 127) near Pana.

At that point, instead of surrendering Adam Cobb emerged from his truck shooting.  The Troopers pleaded with him not to do it, but he did it anyway.  He soaked up the rounds, and just like a Stephen King horror flick, he continued shooting at the cops with murderous intent in his heart.  He did this a couple of times, in fact.

Then he had a malfunction and Troopers held their fire and (foolishly?) waited for him to clear the malfunction and sling some more lead their way, endangering their lives once more, before they continued shooting him like a rabid dog that he’d become. 

Armchair quarterbacking here, but apparently none of the State Troopers brought their long gun to the party.  Rule #2 for winning a gunfight:  Bring a long gun and lots of friends with long guns.  It worked for the cops that took down Bonnie and Clyde, after all.  (And for the record, Rule #1 is don’t be there.)  Obviously Johnny Law *really* didn’t want to have to shoot this guy.  But a .223 to the melon would have permanently returned Mr. Cobb’s defective CPU to idle.

Sadly Adam didn’t have the intestinal fortitude to either surrender to police for his crimes or to end his own life before destroying the lives of his girlfriend and her her sister, and negatively impacting the lives of the cops who had to put an end to his rampage.

Here’s the video from Cobb’s final seconds on this mortal coil.  Fair warning, it’s not safe for work or for young eyes.  It’s graphic and tough to take.  But we bring it to folks to show them what evil looks like.  It’s not pretty.  It’s not clean.  It’s not pleasant.  It’s just evil.  Pure evil.

Clearly, nothing was going to stop this maniac except a good guy with a gun and the willingness to use it to stop this evil man with hate in his heart.  Thank Heavens the Illinois State Police has people willing to step up and protect the public at large from savage men like this one.  

Evil is out there, ladies and gentlemen.  You can close your eyes and pretend it doesn’t exist.  Or you can take steps to minimize your chance of encountering it, and should the worst happen, give yourself a fighting chance to prevail.

Collinsville, Illinois — The Illinois State Police released dash-cam video which shows an Illinois trooper repeatedly ordering a man sought in the deaths of two women to drop his weapon just seconds before the trooper shoots him Saturday in central Illinois. 32-year-old Adam Cobb is suspected in the slayings of his estranged partner and her sister. Authorities say 30-year-old Jamie Joiner, her 34-year-old sister, Jessica Joiner, and the family dog were found fatally shot Saturday morning at Cobb’s rural Collinsville home. The video, which shows authorities chasing after Cobb on Saturday, begins with a law enforcement vehicle following Cobb’s pick-up truck near Pana. Windows on Cobb’s vehicle shatter before the vehicle eventually stops. The pickup slows to a stop and Cobb jumps out of the truck, pointing what appears to be a handgun at troopers. The trooper can be heard repeatedly ordering Cobb to drop the gun and can also be heard saying, “Don’t do it.” Gunshots are heard and Cobb falls to the ground, still handling his weapon. Cobb appears to pull back the slide on his handgun as if preparing to fire more shots. More shots are heard coming from troopers. The video ends with Cobb laying motionless on the pavement near the truck. The officer says “damn it.” Cobb was taken to a hospital for treatment of serious and life-threatening injuries. He was pronounced dead the next day, with preliminary autopsy results suggesting he died from multiple gunshot wounds.

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    1. I watched closer. Maybe he didn’t shoot. If he didn’t, it seems like he’s all the bigger coward. Did he run out of ammo shooting his ex, her sister and the dog?

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