Chicago PD Supernintendo David “Inept” Brown and his medal salad (and crooked hat) #2 Chief Deputy Carter – aka, “We don’t have time for this ****” when asked to wait a few minutes to give a high honor to a fallen officer before taking her body to the coroner’s office. Image via CPD.

Lori Lightfoot’s increasingly lawless Chicago passed 500 homicides a little over a week ago.  Today, after another bloody weekend (9 killed, 42 wounded), Murder City USA is just four homicides from totaling more homicides 40 entire states tallied for the entire year of 2019. In fact, at the current rate, Murder City USA will likely reach murder numbers not seen since the early 1990s.

Violent criminals and gang members (but I repeat myself) worked hard in July. They set the record for the third most homicides in a single month in the city’s long history. Chi Town recorded 110 homicide victims and an addition 517 people maimed by gunfire, according to

While the city declares war on law-abiding gun owners, felons freely offend enjoy kid-glove treatment, courtesy of an inept criminal justice system.  You say you want examples? Ask and ye shall receive.

A maid at the “W” hotel saw a gun case in a hotel room she was cleaning a couple of weeks ago. She notified her supervisor, who called police. Cops swooped in, confiscated two handguns and arrested the owner of the guns when he returned to the room. Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx charged the man with two felonies and assorted other crimes.

America’s fake news headquarters CNN covered the news conference circus the mayor and police chief emceed:

Man arrested after guns were found in his Chicago hotel room. The mayor called them ‘weapons of war’

CNN —  An Iowa man is facing two felony charges after a loaded handgun and rifle were found in his Chicago hotel room July 4, near where hundreds of families were celebrating the holiday, prosecutors said.

Keegan Gregory Casteel, 32, is charged with two felony counts of aggravated unlawful use of weapons/loaded. He appeared in court Tuesday and was released after paying a portion of his $10,000 bond, according to court documents obtained by CNN.

Police said there was a handgun and a loaded .308 caliber rifle “equipped with a laser and high-powered scope” in Casteel’s hotel room. Five rifle magazines were also found, according to Casteel’s arrest report.

The weapons were discovered by an employee of the W Chicago Lakeshore Hotel who went into Casteel’s room to clean it, Chicago Police Superintendent David Brown said Tuesday.

They were near a window “in a very suspicious position,” Brown said. The employee “likely prevented a tragedy from happening,” Brown said.

Casteel’s 12th floor hotel room overlooked a portion of Chicago’s Ohio Street Beach along Lake Michigan and Navy Pier, prosecutors said during Tuesday’s hearing.

You want the real story?  Mr. Casteel brought his girlfriend and a nice diamond ring to the Windy City with the devious plot to propose to the woman at the top of the Navy Pier Ferris Wheel.  Mr. Casteel had a valid Iowa carry license, and as such, was perfectly legal to have as many handguns and magazines – loaded or not – inside his car within Illinois.

What’s more, that hotel room served as his abode for the evening, and as such, guns in there were perfectly legal.  Sources told me that one of the guns was either an HK-91 support-braced pistol or a .308 caliber AR- support braced pistol.  With a 12.5 barrel.  As handgun mags, the 20-round .308 mags that so triggered the mayor and police chief were perfectly legal.  Illinois concealed carry law exempts handgun magazines from local restrictions.

Frankly, Mr. Casteel should have brought handguns to Chicago.  After all, Chicago IS a war zone.  If I travel to Chicago proper, I have at least three handguns and oftentimes a long gun.  Or two.  And maybe some armor as well.

The happy ending, for now, is that Mr. Casteel proposed to his girlfriend after posting $1000 bail and she accepted.

Now, contrast that story of a card-carrying good guy jammed up with felony charges for legally-possessed firearms with this story about a felon charged with stabbing a Chicago Transit Authority worker in the neck.  From CWB Chicago…

The CTA’s trains, buses, and platforms are plastered with signs warning that anyone who batters a transit passenger or employee will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. But the woman who allegedly stabbed a CTA worker in the neck at a Loop L station this week is only charged with a misdemeanor, according to court records.

Police said the 49-year-old transit worker accidentally sprayed water on a woman as he washed the State-Lake train platform around 10:44 p.m. Wednesday. The woman became upset and stabbed him in the neck with a knife, police said.

Doctors at Northwestern Memorial Hospital stitched the stab wound closed, according to police and prosecutors.

Yeah, you read that right:  if you’re a felon and stab someone in the throat in anger, Cook County prosecutors may only charge it as a misdemeanor.

If people across American only knew these things, they would understand while Chicago grows increasingly violent.  With piss-ant potentate political leaders like Mayor Lori Lightfoot and Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx in charge, the lawlessness won’t likely change soon.

Feel free to peruse CWB Chicago for countless stories of felons out on “affordable” bail killing and otherwise victimizing innocents along with a long litany of violent offenders treated with kid gloves.

Take for example the man accused of killing the Chicago Police Officer Ella French last Saturday night.  Arrested for  robbery in 2019, he pled guilty and received two years’ probation.


One thought on “GRIM MILESTONE DEAD AHEAD: Chicago four bodies away from more homicides than *40* ENTIRE states for the ENTIRE year of 2019”
  1. The inconvenient truth about the Chicago homicide rate, is the number of homicides were “Significantly Lower” on average “BEFORE” the passage of the FOID card law.

    Chicago has always had a crime problem; Beer wars, Mobsters and race riots always caused major problems, but even with those events the Homicide rate on average was lower before gun control

    In 1974 and 1994 there were 972 homicides each of those years with very large homicide numbers in between those years.

    The Horrible homicide numbers we see in Chicago came after the passage of gun control, not before.

    The cause is simple; the checks and balances that existed between the good guys and bad guys was removed with gun control.

    You want to make Illinois safe; repeal gun control.

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