Ella French was shot and killed by a violent felon in Chicago Saturday night. Her partner was also nearly killed.

Last night, just after 9pm, two Chicago police officers faced at least one armed offender.  Both officers were shot in the face.  The female officer, Ella French, 29, had just returned from maternity leave.  She died from a gunshot wound right between the eyes.  Her partner, Officer Yanez, remains in extremely critical condition with ghastly wounds, including a head wound. 

The mayor, deeply despised by the rank and file police for her visceral hatred of law enforcement, showed up at the hospital where the officers were taken.  Lightfoot tried to put on her “deep concern” face to the Officer Yanez’ family, but they rebuffed her attempt at pretending she cared.  An argument ensued and things grew heated before the mayor and her protective detail left.   

The mayor then tried to speak to a large group of Chicago Police Officers, but they wanted no part of her empty words.  The officers present – almost to the last one – turned their backs on the mayor in a symbolic reply to Lightfoot turning her back on the police for her entire term in office.

As for the offenders: early reports suggest a 20-year-old female drove the stopped car.  Two brothers, one in the front seat and a second in the backseat rode along.  At some point, the front seat passenger produced a firearm and somehow managed to score headshots on both officers, killing the female on the spot.  The male officer also took a second round to the head, blowing out one of his eyes and another in the shoulder.  He was able to call out 10-1 – officer down, along with a description of the black male in a blue Chicago Cubs jersey.

The shooter is rumored to have a robbery conviction from 2019 and was sentenced to… probation.

Here’s the chilling audio.  The event starts at about nine minutes into it.  The first audible “10-1” emergency call comes at  9:17.  At 63 and Bell.  The wounded officer finally communicates “officer down” at 9:50.

Click her to download the audio file.

The dispatcher does a pretty decent job managing radio traffic.

A third officer engaged the killer and inadvertently shot the *supposedly* unarmed brother in the backseat in an exchange of fire.  

The latest:  Officer Yanez remains critical and the doctors believe he might survive, although he lost his right eye.  One bullet remains in his shoulder and another inside his skull. 

Some say the politicians want a certain level of violence in the inner cities.  And they cite examples:  One officer posted this at AR-15.com this morning:

Last night a phone store was robbed.  Offenders tied up the workers .  Fled the scene.   Chase of some sort ensued.  Finally caught in my district ( I was off ) .   States attorney released all the offenders without charges.  Shows what happening here.   So are traffic stops worth getting shot over in this city ?  No.   That’s y our traffic and street stops have went to such low numbers over last few years.

Chicago residents are getting the leadership they voted for…  good and hard.


One thought on “LAWLESS INNER CITY CHICAGO: Chicago cop murdered, second critical. Mayor gets into argument with wounded officer’s family, gets shunned by cops. Killer reportedly drew probation for robbery charge in 2019.”
  1. It appears that the criminals know or believe police use body armor so are using “head shots” being almost sure of a “kill”, what do you think? “No-bail” release with a court date? A plea to a less “offensive” offense? The pathetic “mayor” and her criminal constituents will soon have the city they want, no police or law enforcement and wide open crime, time to build a wall around Chicago and let the criminals “have at it”.

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