Saturday, June 12th 9am-3:30pm
DeWitt County Sportsman’s Club
Clinton, IL
With displays, seminars by multiple trainers, hands-on activities, and shooting stations.

Yes, we will have life-fire available…  for free!  With real ammo! 

We’ll also have an air gun station from Central Illinois Precision Shooters.  Experience what shooting Olympic-level air rifles and pistols is all about!

Live-fire (air guns, rifles and pistols) for both adults and youngsters under the careful supervision of experienced & certified instructors.

You don’t have to be a GSL member to attend!

Seminars Schedule

9 am Kelvin Coburn:  Greetings and opening remarks.

9:30 am French Maclean:  Connecting the Dots.  Explains how to find history associated with a particular firearm and how that can sometimes add quite a bit of value to the piece.  Includes website addresses where you can get a lot of info, valuable printed works, how to use NARA, when they reopen.  Touches on US, British and German firearms.  What to look for in the way of unit markings.  How a Colt Letter works.  

10:30am Anthony Bellum:  Stop the Bleed primer.   EMT (and Stop the Bleed instructor) Anthony Bellum will show you to to save a life.  And the life you save might be your own.

11:00am Joe Tharp and son:  Situational Awareness & Simple Self-Defense Techniques.  Wonder what to do if someone grabs you or (worse yet for them) sticks a knife in your face?  Joe and his training dummy (said with love) Mitch will show you how to create distance and give yourself an opportunity to escape – or access your safety rescue tool.

11:30 am Paul Toth:  Radio communications.  What happens if your cell phone stops working?  Paul’s on it.  It doesn’t cost a lot – unless you want it to.

12:30 pm John Boch Legislative update.  Was going to be “The Art of the Draw” but with what happened in Springfield over Memorial Day weekend, everyone’s wondering about the new gun control measures.  John will cover them and where we are likely headed.

1pm Steve Davis Legal issues of self defense…  Steve will discuss a case out of Champaign County where a disabled veteran shot a woman who threatened to kill him just moments before.  The veteran faced an anti-gun, anti-self-defense prosecutor and beat her malicious prosecution.   Kay Davis will also talk about The Well Armed Woman.

2pm Melissa Harden:  Situational Awareness and Victim Avoidance for Women.  Melissa will offer tips and practical advice for women to make themselves less vulnerable to attack.  

Kelvin Curtis from the NRA-ILA is scheduled to attend as well!

Win firearms, ammunition and accessories. We will have a big prize table.

Food will be available.  $10 for adults, $5 for kids.  While it lasts.


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