Kim Foxx and two of her security detail. (Photo by Nuccio DiNuzzo/Getty Images via  While she has a security detail of at least five armed guards, the little people in Chicago are getting slaughtered by violent gang members.

Cook County has a bigger problem than the repeated release of habitual criminals under the Illinois’ “affordable bail” program. No, State’s Attorney Kim Foxx simply doesn’t charge many criminals at all.

In her first three years, Kim Foxx dismissed charges in over 25,000 felonies – almost thirty percent of cases. These included cases up to and including murder.

Since then, police don’t even bother filing charges in some less serious felonies like shoplifting, leaving brick and mortar retailers to increase prices to paying customers or simply close shop as they’ve done on the Magnificent Mile.

The prosecutor who George Soros has spent millions of dollars backing with campaign funds continues to undercharge or not even bother charging brazen violent criminals. In other cases, prosecutors and sympathetic judges simply release repeat offenders to continue victimizing the community while political leaders pretend the problem doesn’t exist.

For example, an on-duty Chicago Police homicide detective was attacked and injured by muggers. One of the attackers was arrested, yet days later, Kim Foxx’s office hasn’t even charged the arrestee with the mugging. Another Chicago police officer was carjacked and armed juvenile offenders took not only her car, but her purse with her gun and badge in it. Has Kim Foxx charged the suspect in that case? Hardly.

In fact, Kim Foxx hasn’t charged a single juvenile with carjacking in two years. Instead, she charges them with the Class A misdemeanor of Criminal Trespass to a Vehicle and releases arrestees to their parent(s).

If cops can’t count on Foxx to prosecute their attackers, does anyone think she will prosecute those who victimize everyday people like us?

Until and unless residents stand up to oppose Kim Foxx and her radical, soft-on-crime policies, then locals will continue to get used and abused by violent criminals. And concealed carry will continue to grow in popularity as people vote with their wallets to protect their families.


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