Mark and Patty McCloskey live in the downtown area of St. Louis.  This past summer, they famously resorted to bringing out their guns to defend their home from Black Lives Matter “peaceful protesters” threatening to burn the place down.  Cops came and took their guns and they faced felony charges from the Soros-funded State’s Attorney.

In the immediate aftermath of the incident in June, the McCloskeys learned they couldn’t count on the police and local security companies wouldn’t provide security.  So they hired professional security contractors to protect their home.


Those contractors noted that their presence – with iron – made the Black Lives Matter radicals “a lot less mouthy and a lot more beta” in their demeanor.  Or so I was told by one of their team-mates.

Now, the McCloskeys remain defiant as ever against social justice warriors threatening them. And in fact, they have proven themselves to have quite a sense of humor about the whole thing as well!


Of course, the fact that these two still have their lives and guns doesn’t sit well with some. Some extra-skilled communication specialists from the left in particular. Like this one who stalked them to a print shop and then confronted them as they emerged.

“Abolish the suburbs!” the harpie screeched at the couple. “You are terrorists! No mask! You think pointing guns at protesters is nice? It’s fun? You think you’re cool? Abolish the suburbs!”

Not sure what the suburbs tripe had to do with things as the McCloskeys live in downtown St. Louis.

“Abolish the suburbs!” the communications specialist continued to scream. “Abolish the suburbs! F*** you, and your guns! F*** the Central West End! F*** you! F*** you!”

Here, watch for yourself. NSFW (language).


Yes, the hard-left police haters have no sense of humor at all. But they certainly want to see The People of the Gun disarmed.

Because former gun owners are a lot easier to bully than current gun owners.