The Donald J. Trump campaign has named Guns Save Life’s Executive Director John Boch to its “Gun Owners for Trump” advisory board.

Mr. Boch served in a similar role for Team Trump in 2016, only this time he serves as only one of only 19 on the board and one of only four to return from the 2016 group.

Mr. Boch currently serves as GSL’s Executive Director and he also works as a staff writer at the web’s largest firearm blog, The Truth About Guns. In his spare time, he’s also an instructor on the GSL Defense Training team, with over twenty years of teaching personal protection, self-defense and firearms use to young people and adults.

“I’m honored and humbled to be included among such famous and distinguished greats in the firearm world today,” Boch said. “And we’re all united in working together for the noble cause of firearm rights for the little people in America under President Trump’s leadership.”

“President Donald Trump has kept his campaign pledges to gun owners from 2016, defending gun rights and expanding opportunities for gun owners and sportsmen.   He’s even followed through with the most important thing of all – to confirm outstanding federal judges who will protect the Second Amendment of our great Constitution from unconstitutional laws and regulations for a generation or more,” Boch noted. “Among these are two outstanding Supreme Court justices, and with a strong likelihood of filling more Supreme Court vacancies with great jurists in the coming four plus years.”

President Trump has also deemed firearms and ammunition retailers as essential during the COVID outbreak.  Early in his term, he rejected the flawed and unconstitutional UN Small Arms Treaty.

For Sportsmen, he’s massively increased spending on habitat conservation and opened 4 million acres nationwide to expanded hunting and fishing.

Also, the Trump administration has revived Project Safe Neighborhoods,  which brings together prosecutors, police, sheriffs, and citizens groups to put the most dangerous violent crime offenders behind bars.  And reduce violent gun crime across America.

The Department of Justice also prosecuted a record number of firearm offenses in FY 2018 – keeping illegal guns off our streets and out of criminals’ hands.

It’s results like that, compared to the radical pledges of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris to ban America’s favorite rifle and millions of other popular self-defense firearms sold throughout America.  Biden and Harris also want to ban standard capacity magazines for the little people as well, while they and their friends live behind gated communities with armed bodyguards and security that everyday Americans can’t afford.

President Trump’s Gun Owners for Trump advisory board features a “who’s who” of names from the gun community. They include Olympic six-time medalist Kim Rhode (from three Olympics competitions), plus Ronnie Barrett, CEO of Barrett Firearms famous for their precision rifles.

Additionally, Rick Ector, CEO at the Firearms Academy of Detroit; Amy Robbins, CEO at Alexo Athletica and TV host; Lanny Barnes, American biathlete; retired Army Sgt. Major and nationally-know firearms instructor Kyle Lamb; Shooting competitor and instructor Gabby Franco; Eye on the Target radio host Amanda Suffecool; author and motivational speaker Marsha Petrie Sue; Neil Hogue of Hogue Knives and firearms accessories.

The Second Amendment Foundation’s Alan Gottlieb has also been appointed, along with Matthew Gomez, Thibault Bowman, Mia Rhode, Barbara Rumpel, Esther Schneider, Beth Walker and Linda Walker.

By working to help re-elect President Trump, Mr. Boch says, “not only will we make America great again, but we’ll make the Second Amendment great again at the same time!”

6 thoughts on “GSL’s John Boch named to Team Trump’s Gun Owners Advisory Council”
  1. CONGRADULATIONS JOHN! God bless America, good to see people the “commoners” associate with in “high places” helping and hoping for the reelection of President Trump.

  2. Congratulations John.
    Unfortunately Trump has done nothing for the gun committee. No national reciprocity. No lifting of the suppressor band. Course he is better than the alternative. But he hasn’t done a thing for us. Maybe he has oh, that’s right bump stock ban. Oh well it could have been worse, if Hillary was in I’m sure we would all be behind bars now.

  3. Could you write a series of articles about the theft charges facing Illinois State Rep. Carol Ammons (D-Urbana)? She is under investigation for the Jan.10th shoplifting of an $80 Coach purse at a charity thrift store in Urbana. The story would tie that it to her subsequent sponsoring of Illinois House Bill 5830. Her Bill removes legal and contractual protections from workers accused of wrong doing. Rep. Ammons should be compelled to apply the proposals in her Bill to her own shoplifting incident.

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