Kyle Rittenhouse spoke by phone from the juvenile detention center where he’s being held pending extradition to Kenosha, Wisconsin.  In the call with his attorney John Pierce, he expressed his gratitude for the outpouring of support from across the nation.  “I just wanna thank every single one of you for the support,” Rittenhouse said.

Attorney John Pierce shared the call via Twitter.  Given his use of all caps suggests he was very excited.

Guns Save Life has communicated back and forth with Mr. Pierce.  We are proud to publicly stand firmly behind Kyle and his self-defense claim.  The plentiful compilation of video evidence, along with the written narrative released by John Pierce, shows to self-defense experts that Mr. Rittenhouse acted very responsibly in defending his own life from violent attack.  The young man showed great restraint, too.

Kyle Rittenhouse, third from left in green t-shirt, is seen here working to remove Black Lives Matter and Antifa graffiti from the Kenosha High School building.

Many media organizations, exploitative politicians and half-wit celebs have perpetuated all manner of falsehoods about Kyle Rittenhouse’s actions.  But repeating falsehoods doesn’t make them true.  It does make those who perpetuate them at risk of defamation lawsuits and that’s where famed attorney Lin Wood comes into the picture.  Wood, who represented Nicolas Sandmann in his many defamation suits, is representing Mr. Rittenhouse in this case as well.

Some of the condemnations have come from surprising places.  Including ISRA’s Richard Pearson.

From the Daily Herald:

Two guns were turned into police when a 17-year-old Antioch man charged in the Kenosha shootings surrendered himself, police said, but officials are not saying who owned the guns and whether they had valid firearm owners identification cards.

Kyle Rittenhouse was accompanied by his mother when he went to the police department Wednesday, Antioch Interim Police Chief Geoff Guttschow said Thursday. He faces multiple charges in Kenosha County, including first-degree intentional homicide and first-degree reckless homicide, in the deaths of two Wisconsin residents late Tuesday. Cellphone video shows a young white man, apparently Rittenhouse, opening fire in the street with a semi-automatic rifle in Kenosha, which has been the site of fiery protests after a police officer shot resident Jacob Blake seven times in the back Sunday…

Video shows the shooter had what looks like an AR-15 rifle, said Richard Pearson, executive director of the Illinois State Rifle Association. Pearson condemned the shooter’s actions, pointing out there are also federal laws regarding crossing state lines with the intent to commit a crime. “We have the laws,” Pearsons said. “He violated them.”

We reached out to the Illinois State Rifle Association’s Executive Director Rich Pearson for a comment as to why he was quoted as condemning Kyle.  We received this in response within a couple of hours:

I didn’t say what they said I said.   I did say if he or anyone crosses state lines with the intent to commit a felony that is a crime.  That was right after it happened.  I have now seen the video of him being attacked.  It looks like self-defense to me.  He obviously had no intent.

Hopefully Mr. Pearson has contacted the Daily Herald and asked for a correction or perhaps a retraction.  Even if he asked, I’m not sure the newspaper would grant it.

‘Self-Defense is not a Crime’ Rally this Saturday!

This Saturday from 11a – 2p, the good people at the Illinois Gun Owners Together group are hosting a “SELF-DEFENSE IS NOT A CRIME” rally.  It will be held across the street from where Kyle Rittenhouse is currently being held. 

They will meet across the street from the Hulse Juvenile Detention Center,  24647 N Milwaukee Ave in Vernon Hills.

It will not be a permitted rally, so concealed carry will be lawful.

IGOT’s people are urging folks to show up across the street from the detention center.  Bring your flags, signs and smiles.  For those not wanting to stand and protest, they’re urging supporters to drive by a few times and make noise.  Honking, loud motorcycle and the like are all welcome and encouraged.  It’s all to let Kyle know they people outside support him and support everyone’s right to self-defense.

Supposedly, a contingent of Antifa and Black Lives Matter have threatened to show up to counter-demonstrate.  However, IGOT folks have a handle on security in the event the violence-prone groups do materialize.

Keep in mind that showing support for Rittenhouse on social media can come with consequences from Big Tech censors.

Here’s what happened to Illinois Gun Owners Rights.

You can help Mr. Rittenhouse defend his right to defend himself by donating to the Fight Now Foundation’s fundraiser for Kyle Rittenhouse.  I did.

From the initial Guns Save Life post supporting Rittenhouse and the right to self-defense:

…For our members who wish to contribute to his legal defense (and perhaps things like security details, living expenses, etc. as this plays out…  and until Lin Wood can work his magic), here’s where you can make your donations.  Per Mr. Pierce.

Go to the bottom of the page at and there’s a place for a donation for Kyle Rittenhouse.  Yes, this is legitimate and authorized by Mr. Rittenhouse’s family.

I donated just now.  I “tipped” Mr. Pierce’s FightBack organization 10% as well.  I know Mr. Pierce will craft a legal dream team of criminal defense attorneys that are going to make Mr. Rittenhouse quite proud.  And all law-abiding gun owners interested in protecting the right of self-defense, too.

This is the first time I can recall every giving to someone’s legal defense.  But if we allow mob justice against Mr. Rittenhouse, we’re all at risk of becoming victims of mob justice.


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