You know news of the winner of the Chicago FOP Presidential elections just made Chicago’s cop-hating mayor’s day.

John Catanzara won the run-off election to become the Chicago FOP’s new president. As one can see from the above photo, he embraces America, our freedom and the 2nd Amendment unabashedly.

Those are all rarities in the cesspool that is Chicago politics.

He’s already proven himself willing to buck the system even if it impacts him personally. In August 2018, Catanzara filed a police report against then-Superintendent Eddie Johnson for marching – in uniform – with Rev. Michael “Snuffy” Pfleger on the Dan Ryan Expressway.

In response for filing the report, Catanzara was stripped of his police powers and assigned to administrative duty.

Is it any wonder why nobody wanted to arrest the former Superintendent when, after leaving a bar late at night, he passed out drunk took a little nap at a stop sign last October?

Catanzara was also reprimanded for the above photo three years ago. So the chief can use his uniform and office to advance political causes while breaking the law marching on the Dan Ryan Expressway, but a rank-and-file cop can’t proclaim his support for America, its president and the Constitution legally?

Message received loud and clear.

Chicago needs a leader and Catanzara looks like he might well be the man for the job representing rank-and-file officers.

3 thoughts on “BOLDLY PRO-GUN. BOLDLY PRO-AMERICAN: Meet Chicago PD’s new FOP President”
  1. Does he want to REPEAL the FOID card Law ?

    If he does, i vote for home for Governor

  2. Hell, I would vote for him for governor even if he supported the FOID, which I doubt he does.

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