Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker’s took a big setback yesterday.  He thought he had absolute authority to dictate all manner of restrictions upon the Land of Lincoln’s residents.  He thought wrong.  And a Clay County court told him so.

Scratch a hard-core leftist, and you’ll find their true fascist, authoritarian selves.

Like so many Illinoisans, State Rep. Darren Bailey (R – Xenia) found himself sick and tired of Pritzker’s heavy-handed dictatorial overreach.  So, as one might expect from one of the outstanding Magnificent Seven* in the General Assembly, he filed suit challenging the governors usurpation of powers beyond what Illinois law allows.

Specifically the governor can declare a state of emergency for 30 days.  And Pritzker’s 30 days expired in early April.   Furthermore, Bailey challenged our billionaire governor’s unconstitutional restrictions.

And he won.

The governor’s response when he got the news?  Check out the “OMG!  The sky is falling” language over at the Capitol Fax:

I would.  I have affirmed many times over that Republicans and Democrats alike, public servants from all corners of Illinois have come together since the earliest days of this public health crisis to make incredibly difficult choices

Uh no.  You unilaterally made “difficult” authoritarian decrees, ignoring almost completely input from those South of I-80 or those outside of your party.

, understanding that painful as our actions might be the question boils down to life and death.

Hogwash.  As more and more real data is coming to light on the number of people who have had this particular COVID19 virus (through new, extremely accurate antibody testing), the mortality of this beer flu is not substantially different than the seasonal “American” flu viruses.

COVID-19 is responsible for denying the people of Illinois the precious moments of togetherness and steadiness of routine that have been put on pause in response to this global pandemic. The stay at home order has prevented tens of thousands of illnesses and thousands of deaths.

Because your models have been so correct from day 1, right Governor Pritzker?  Hardly.  I’ll admit I got suckered into them initially, but unlike Governor Pritzker, I remained open to additional information and scientific data.

Representative Darren Bailey’s decision to take to the courts to try and dismantle public health directives, designed to keep people safe is an insult to all Illinoisans who have been lost during this COVID-19 crisis and it’s a danger to millions of people who may get ill, because of his recklessness, at best, no one is better off because of this ruling and at worst people’s health and safety will suffer tremendously.

Over-the-top hyperbole much, Governor P.?

In Illinois and nationally we are operating on decades of precedent in terms of how disaster proclamations work from floods to tornadoes and now a global pandemic disasters don’t necessarily evaporate on a 30 day timeframe.

And there’s no Coronavirus exception to Constitutional rights, sir.

In the interim, we will be issuing new public health directives so that we can continue to respond to this public health crisis.

Tyrant’s gonna tyrant.

At this time I strongly encourage all municipal level leaders, as well as the people of Illinois, who are our strongest weapon against this virus to follow the advice of our scientists here in Illinois and across the nation of IDPH and the CDC and continue to follow the guidelines of are stay at home order.

This ruling has put the people of Illinois at risk.

Your edicts continue to put lives and risk and cost lives from people delaying needed medical and dental procedures, along with depression and suicide.

I sincerely hope that this matter will be brought to a swift resolution so that we can go back to placing our undivided attention on the work of keeping people safe.

Amen, FREE ILLINOIS!  The great news is that Rep. Bailey told The Center Square that he expects more lawsuits similar to his to be filed in the coming days.  And that spells bad news for Gov. Judgement: Bad.

How “judgement:bad” are JB’s orders?

Illinois rule means family can only legally be in their boat when it’s in their garage

FOX Files

People longing for the outdoors are outraged at an Illinois boating rule.

“My family, who I live with every day, can’t be on my boat with me in Illinois,” said Mike Scaturro.

As an example, he gathered his family together on the boat as it was parked in their Granite City garage. He said, “I can’t sit outside in it, so I’ve got to sit inside in it.”

“So if you take it outside your garage you’d be breaking the rule.” Scaturro said, “Right I mean you can see social distancing is possible in the boat, not that I need to do that with my children and my wife,” said Chris Hayes, Fox 2 reporter.

Illinois Governor J.D. Pritzker said Saturday – “It is restricted to two people on a boat. You can’t have five people or ten people in a boat – and that – it is restricted to two but not necessarily restricted to whether they’re related to one another.” Someone asked, “So if there is a family of four or five, a husband and wife and kids, they’re going to have to pick two of them at a time.” The Governor answered, “They would yeah.”

“By his analogy, I have to take my boat in the lake and go pick one of them up at the dock and take them to the beach – and then get another one and take them to the beach, because he didn’t say there couldn’t be 100 people on the beach. He just said there couldn’t be two people on the boat,” said Scaturro.

Scaturro says it doesn’t seem to matter that he has a 30-foot boat. Two people on his wave runner is apparently the same as two people on his boat.

And how dangerous are they? 

We wrote about the “Mask + Gun = Felony” conundrum Sunday evening.  It looks like the mainstream media (along with bloggers) have figured this out and has reporting all over the map.  Everything from “OMG YES!  It’s a FELONY!” to “We’re not going to arrest anyone.”   And Fox says the Illinois State Police will release a statement today, Tuesday.

But frankly, you shouldn’t need to rely on officer discretion to avoid a felony gun charge.

And the best solution would be to end this ridiculous faux “emergency” and open up our economy again in a socially responsible manner.

*The Magnificent Seven:  Allen Skillicorn, Dan Caulkins, Darren Bailey, Chris Miller, Brad Halbrook, John Cabello and Blaine Wilhour.  Illinois would be a whole lot better, safer and more productive state if we had about 80 more of these men (and about 80 fewer men like Michael Madigan and Kathleen Willis) in the Illinois House. 

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  1. Just watched JB’S 3:00 briefing,that is one angry pork chop.These govenors remind me of a line from “Cool Hand Luke”:your gonna get used to wearing those chain’s—–for your own good.

  2. The real funny/sad part about the fat turd’s comments was that the “experts” predictions of it peaking in April were wrong, and now they say it will peak in May.
    They were wrong, but we will ignore that because now they’ve got to be right, so I’ll continue to violate citizen’s rights.

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