Anyone with comments on the Illinois State Police’s proposed rules for the Firearm Dealer License Certification Act must have their comments in by Monday, October 7th. 

Your comments must be in writing.

Here are the proposed rules.

Be specific and pithy.  This isn’t the time for essay-type answers or to make claims about the constitutionality of the proposed rulemaking, the underlying law or anything else. 

Here are some suggested points to make in your submission.

 Under Camera/Surveillance systems:

  • The proposed rules require cameras capable of reading license plates 24 hours a day, seven days a week in parking lots.  Who determines where the parking lot begins and ends, especially for businesses that share a parking lot with other vehicles?
  • The night-time requirement would suggest that the cameras must be able to read license plates at night.  Is this technology currently available?  If so, at what cost?  Will the cost be prohibitively expensive?
  • Is their sufficient Internet capability to upload real-time back-ups for multiple, ultra-high-definition cameras to online storage? 
  • The proposed rules also demand that ammo not be accessible to customers…  At what cost to dealers will the state require to move ammo out of reach of customers…  Some stores sell ammo off a pallet, or multiple pallets.

There are plenty more aspects you can criticize.   Find them, list them and emphasize the high costs with compliance.

Send this to:

                Mr. Matthew Rentschler
                Department of State Police
                801 S. Seventh St., Suite 1000-S
                Springfield, IL 62703


Furthermore, if your State Representative or Senator serves on the JCAR commission, you might send them a copy as well to their district or Springfield offices.


Here is a list of JCAR’s members:

Senator Don Harmon, co-chair
Senator Kimberly Lightford
Senator Tony Muñoz
Senator Sue Rezin
Senator Paul Schimpf
Senator Chuck Weaver
Rep. Tom Demmer
Rep. Michael Halpin
Rep. Frances Ann Hurley
Rep. Steven Reick
Rep. André Thapedi
Rep. Keith Wheeler, co-chair

4 thoughts on “DO IT: File your Gun Dealer Licensing proposed rulemaking today! TIPS INSIDE”
  1. All these proposed regulations prove is that government has failed the people.

    When you consider that prior to 1968 there were 200 plus gun stores in the City of Chicago selling guns. Many of those dealers were selling mail order. No FOID cards, no 4473 forms, nothing; yet we did not have the problems we have today.

    The reason Chicago has a crime and murder problem is because of Democrat policies, not guns.

    The Democrats used the lure of affordable housing with the Robert Taylor Housing projects then the Democrats used Federal Highway funds to build roads around those communities thus creating economic dead zones.

    The real cause of crime is a lack of economic opportunity and poor schools and not guns

    1. History and Facts do not matter to this government. Illinois is a failed state and given a chance I would gladly leave.

      Some are saying to boycott Illinois, others are saying we need to stop spending money in Illinois.

      Regardless of the actions taken we need to stop doing business in Illinois as much as we can.

      If we bankrupt this state it will collapse; That’s what is needed

  2. Why not demand that all surveillance cameras be of the same quality as Chicagos cameras that are currently on premises of public transportation? That are sarcastically, NOT stopping any crimes or muggings.

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