Thanks to the wonders of social media, the  intellectual giants of Hollywood are able to grace us with their brilliant commentary on politics, current events and life in general. One of the most frequent topics of their missives — particularly after a high profile incident like Gilroy — is guns and gun rights, about which these over-paid, under-worked celebrities know so much little.

Enter has-been actress Rosanna Arquette, member in good standing of the Twitter Blue Check Mafia(tm). She shared her thoughts on “gun violence” in America in a simple tweet.

Apparently Arquette hasn’t been to Chicago, where 8 were killed and 43 wounded this past weekend and the overwhelming number of suspects in those shootings aren’t white.  That’s almost three times as many fatalities as Gilroy. And easily three times the number of wounded.

The weekend’s tally includes a pair of anti-violence activists.

Against all odds, the CPD actually nabs some of these suspects occasionally and while most are male, few of them can be classified as white.

To be fair maybe her tweet was just poorly worded. Maybe she was only referring to high profile mass shootings such as those at Virginia Tech, Fort Hood, San Bernardino and the Washington Navy Yard.  But even then, non-whites and mixed race mass murderers outnumber whites.  Significantly.

mass murder offenders by race
Courtesy Emma E. Fridel

But don’t let little things like facts get in the way of the Blue Check Mafia(tm).

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