Yesterday, Kathleen Willis’ SB-1966 Amendments passed the Illinois House with 62 all-Democrat votes.  The bill would require any Illinois resident wishing to even touch a firearm to submit fingerprints, pay for your own background check and wait, wait, wait for the State Police to send a FOID card.

It’s in the Senate today.  Clearly Willis has the wind at her back.  She even had votes to spare yesterday to allow some Democrat House members to vote “no” on the bill to give them cover in the next election cycle.

Read the whole thing over at TTAG right now.  Or you can wait until 4p when it goes live here.

What should you do?

Call your Senator and tell him or her to oppose this grossly unconstitutional bill.  If your Senator has poor, inner city regions in his or her district, as them why they are effectively pricing a basic right out of reach of their law-abiding inner-city constituents.

You know, if voter ID is too much to ask because as many as 25% of poor African-Americans can’t afford a government issued photo ID to vote, how is making the same requirement (plus a $100 to apply for a FOID and time and travel to get fingerprinted) suddenly okay when it comes to the Second Amendment?

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