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Colorado Attorney General Phil Weiser has opened his mouth and removed all doubt that he is a partisan political hack. Testifying before a Colorado State Senate committee about sheriffs who refuse to enforce Colorado's proposed "red flag" law, Weiser said, “The right thing to do for a sheriff who says ‘I can’t follow the law’ is to resign.

The Colorado Sun has the story:

As county after county responds to the red flag gun bill making its way through the state legislature by declaring themselves a so-called Second Amendment sanctuary, Colorado’s attorney general says that any sheriff who disregards a court order under the measure “should resign.”

“If a sheriff cannot follow the law, the sheriff cannot do his or her job,” Phil Weiser, a Democrat, testified before a state Senate committee Friday. “The right thing to do for a sheriff who says ‘I can’t follow the law’ is to resign.”

The legislation, House Bill 1177, would give judges the authority to issue an order to temporarily seize firearms from a person considered a significant risk to themselves or others. It has faced immense backlash from Republicans and gun-rights groups, who question its constitutionality and want to see a mental health-treatment option instead.

County commissions that have made their counties “sanctuaries” say they don’t want their elected sheriffs enforcing a law they don’t think is legally sound. But what’s not totally clear is if that means refusing to use the tools provided under the measure, or defying a court order to seize weapons.

The demand for sheriffs to resign is pretty bold hypocrisy coming from the same attorney general who enforces Colorado's sanctuary state law when it comes to illegal aliens. Yes, Colorado is a sanctuary state. They refuse to enforce federal immigration laws when it comes to illegal aliens committing immigration fraud, identity fraud, tax fraud, welfare fraud, not to mention ignoring deportation orders.

So what we have here is an anti-gun Democrat who's fine with taking guns away from law-abiding Americans without due process while he turns a blind eye to crimes committed by foreign nationals.


4 thoughts on “GUN SANCTUARIES: Colorado’s Attorney General tells ‘Sanctuary’ Sheriffs to resign while refusing to enforce immigration laws”
  1. the right thing for un-Constitutional d-suckers is to GTFO & stay out. exercise gun “control” @ your own risk.

  2. If Weiser doesn't suppot the Constitution of the United States of America the he should resign. America – Love it or leave it. Move to a socialist/commumist country of your choosing and see how life works out for you there Mr. Libturd.

  3. Weiser said, “The right thing to do for a sheriff who says ‘I can’t follow the law’ is to resign.” AND since the Constitution including the 2A is the law of the land sounds like Weiser can't follow the law but should take his own advise and resign,,,immediately!

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