Park Forest PD are a good bunch of people.  Their chief came and spoke at our Guns Save Life meeting in Chicago.  He didn't know us from Adam, but I think it's safe to say he liked us and we certainly liked both his presentation and his personality.  On a day off, in everyday clothes, he's probably just like any one of us.

Anyway, one of his officers suffered grievous injuries while taking an armed offender into custody a couple of years prior to his presentation.  Well, this March 19th marks the third-year anniversary of the incident.

While Tim Jones was not even expected to survive his wounds, he has beaten those expectations and is working hard to recover.  He spent 14 months in the hospital recovering from a head wound. 

Here's a story of the day of his release from the hospital…


Now, the Park Forest PD are asking for cards and well-wishes ahead of the third-year anniversary.  If you have a moment, send him a card to thank him for his service and wish him the best on his recovery.

As for the bad guy, he's no longer stealing oxygen.


Tim Jones Event

3 thoughts on “DOING SOMETHING NICE FOR SOMEONE SPECIAL: Park Forest PD asking for assistance for wounded officer”
  1. Yup. Will do. We've have to support our boys in blue with all they've endured and sacrificed. The best and bravest on the planet. Thank you, Officer.

  2. I was gonna send him some money but decided to send it to this victim of police violence instead:

    or this one:


    They're very touching stories.  Moreso, I daresay, than a cop's! 


    You unintelligent fellas will say I "hate cops."  Or that I have no knowledge of their pitiable jobs!

    I'll simply say upfront that I grew up in a LAW household. I simply grew to know the EVIL that they are when I kept being victimized by cops.  Enough so to know that they are NOT to be trusted; ever.

    I say to any honest cop out there……… is YOU who have caused upstanding, responsible, WHITE people like me to revile you. It is not I.  It is YOU who can change this. 

    You change this by DISCLAIMING the bad apples.  By disowning them. By prosecuting them. By holding them INDIVIDUALLY LIABLE for the judgments they proximately cause, instead of ME, DIRECTLY, by insurance premiums I pay for you.

    Or I will not come to your defense. I will not cooperate with you.  I will, when you come to seize my arms under unlawful, tyrannical orders, exercise my GOD-GIVEN right.

  3. Chief Circle-Jerker:


    When you censor comments on your website, you become the "publisher" of defamatory matter for purposes of the CDA section 230 immunity. That is, you forfeit immunity when you approve or disapprove of certain conduct.

    I will keep record of this and advise counsel for any who sue you in the future. 

    You're DESPICABLE, DEPLORABLE, and you won't be getting any more of my money.  Yep, you don't know who I am but I've been a member. No more. 

    When you don't "allow" any opinions that differ from your own, you're no better than the lib gun-grabbers.  

    I was gonna send some money to this poor, poor copper, but sent to this guy in the wheelchair instead:


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