A lot of us in Illinois enjoyed the story of the 25-year-old Chicago woman who struck down a goblin early one morning while waiting for a bus.  He ran up to the bus stop, stuck a pistol in her face and told her to give it up.  She gave it up alright, bringing up a revolver and shooting ne'er-do-well Laavion Goings, Jr. right in the bottom of his throat.

The Tribune reported the story:

Laavion Goings Jr. was out of jail only two months when the 19-year-old walked up to a bus stop about a block from his home, pulled out a gun and tried to rob a woman on the Far South Side.

But the woman had a gun too and fired first, hitting Goings in the chest, according to Chicago police. The teen ran back to his home and made it as far as a stairwell in the foyer of a building before collapsing in the 400 block of West 103rd Street.

That’s where officers found him shortly before 6 a.m. Tuesday, just minutes after the shooting. He died within an hour at Advocate Christ Medical Center in Oak Lawn.

Video exists, sans the actual discharge of her firearm.  It shows him running away as fast as he came and the woman crumpling to the ground.  Even the anti-gun Chicago Tribune published a column lauding the fact a good girl used a gun to stop a villain.



Ol' Laavion ran back to his momma's apartment building and collapsed and died tired in the commons area once inside.  Cops in Chicago didn't need an expert in tracking to find him.  He leaked pretty good.

So enter Zack Ford, a Think Progress editor, who tweeted that the victim should have just given it up when confronted.  After all, Zack Ford says "The penalty for theft should not be death, nor do we want it to be."


If you guessed Zack Ford is a beta-male Millenial, you would be spot on.  Seems he's banished all the toxic masculinity from his body, mind and soul.  Assuming he had any.   In any event, his tweet garnered a lot of heat from across the political spectrum. 


So Zack be nimble, Zack be quick.  Zack pulled out his phone and tweeted our some more sewage.


How about that?  A gun death is a gun death.  The poor victim, Laavion was just a kid! 

Cry me a river.

The harsh response amped up another octave or two and Zack kept on digging.



So there you have it ladies and gentlemen:  This leftist editor for Think Progress thinks she should have just given it up.  Does he think women should do the same when it comes to rapists as well?  Would Zack give it up if confronted by a rapist?  After all, if you don't resist, you'll probably both survive, right Zack?

It seems like this image fits rather nicely in this story:


So, after a thorough roasting, Zack sent out more tweets.  Ending with this one.


See Zack wants to end all gun violence.  Even the kind that helps ensure your 25-year-old daughter makes it home at night to those who love her and depend on her.  Sadly, he's not alone in the belief that you have no right to self-defense.

Keep that in mind the next time one of these nitwits tries to take your gun(s) away "to end gun violence".

9 thoughts on “TOXIC FEMININITY? Think Progress Editor Thinks Chicago Armed Robbery Victim Should Have Given It Up Instead of Shooting Her Attacker Dead”
  1. Once again we see an example of how liberalism / progressivism is a mental disorder. This leftist wacko fails to realize that this woman had no idea if the bad guy was going to rape or kill her. Only a fool or an idiot liberal would trust an armed criminal to "do the right thing" and be happy with taking your stuff and not violate or kill the victim. This pile of dog waste that was RIGHTFULLY killed won't be attacking anyone else thanks to an armed law abiding citizen.

  2. The complete ignorance of this ad/saying is mind boggling. ANYONE who thinks or accepts that the effects of rape are temporal, needs to spend about 5 minutes talking to a victim and getting some perspective. Rape is a violent assault, both physical and mental, and should be dealt with accordingly. The Brady campaign is truly " soft in the head".

  3. I have reliable sources involved in this case, and the deceased bad guy was no stranger to the police. The courts teach these assholes that theres no penalty for robbery and armed violence, and then some regular person responds with an equal level of violence and the mope  ends up dead, because nobody explained that possible outcome to them before. He has been arrested multiple times, and nothing of substance has ever happened to him. The courts have done him a disservice.

    Zack, in his profound ignorance, misses the point that this poor woman will be affected by her lawful use of self defense for years. She didnt ask for it, she didnt want it, but she was going home to her family and refused the victimhood that Zack would choose for her. Zack would prefer she deal with the fallout of being violently robbed or shot, or killed, because it makes Zack feel better.

    Guess what Zack of think progress dot org. Nobody gives a damn what you think. This is nothing to celebrate, other than than this woman is home and safe. If this guy had an effective father in his life, its possible this would never have happened.

    As for bad guy now at room temperature, I am fine with it, its the natural outcome of bad public policy and poor socialization.

  4. Zack Ford is naive. Someone should send him the Gavin de Becker book titled "The Gift of Fear". Getting rid of legal gun ownership won't stop predators with guns. There will always be a black market where thugs can find a gun to use on an unsuspecting victim. Look at Europe. Strict gun laws but a huge black market of weaponry. BTW, the audiobook for the above book is on YouTube if anybody wants to listen to it for free. Send Zack the link.

  5. Do I understand this correctly; 87% of women survive home invasions so banning guns should be a good thing.

    What happens if your one the 13%?


    Please define the term survive and what the Bolsheviks feel is acceptable in terms of trauma and injury.

    My answer is yes we are better than this that’s why I want “NO” new gun control laws and I would like to see a few of the ones we have go away.

    I would say the Brady Campaign people and the Bolsheviks are both bigots and nuts.

  6. Rather appropriate that this article comes shortly after the "Justice and the Law" one from a couple days ago.

    A rape can last 30 seconds?  What world are they living in?  I would bet most victims of such would tell you it lasts a lifetime

  7. Another professiional mugger is forever "out of the justice system", thank God and America's second amendment for the legality of self defense. Poor misguided zach needs his mommy to clean his panties when his misguided thoughts are countered with truthfulness.

  8. Really hope he gets some firsthand violent crime experience real soon. If not him how about his mother or other close family members. Bet he changes his tune after  that encounter. Easy to talk if you haven't walked the walk. 

    1. "dirty panties" zach would probably be glad to have a large african-american former prison tranvestite gay parolee give him "special attention" just so he can write about how he led the convict to "do the right thing the right way".

      yuk, now I can't get that picture out of my head, imagine the "offspring" from such a copulation, ewwww.

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