By Mike Keleher

Yesterday, U.S. Senator  Dianne Feinstein (CA) sent out a press release touting an enormous attack on gun rights. called the Assault Weapons Ban of 2019. Anyone surprised by this?

With Congress  back in session for a week now they not only start the year off in a Government shut down, they started with calls to increase background checks for firearms purchase,s and moments later are introducing an outright assault weapons ban that should have you slapping your forehead over the audacity and breadth of the vile bill.

The bill is so huge it should never make it very far inside the capital, and certainly not past the Senate which is still controlled by the Republicans (and at the top of the hill where a President of mine still has veto power.) But the audacity is enormous. I might have seen this entered in the House of Representatives first since the Democrats control the House, but the Senators have apparently been waiting their turn to make a big splash. "Hey look over here! Don't look at the border wall stuff….and um that shutdown thing…uh well, we are working for you!" 

Feinstein, such a national treasure she is…remember her lovely demeanor during the Judge Kavanaugh hearings?  She is joined in this Assault Weapon Ban Bill by all the usual CNN/MSNBC Democrat suspects you would expect to see as co-sponsors: Dick Durban (IL), Tammy Duckworth (IL), Chuck Schumer (NY), Richard Blumenthal (Conn), Cory Booker (NJ), Kamala Harris (CA) and on and on.

Feinstein's press release website lists an amazing number of things to stop, prevent and cease all in the name of public safety and honoring the memory of people killed by "military style weapon"s and then lists three shooting incidents from 2018. She lists the largest, the Las Vegas murders as occurring in October of 2018 to show how timely this bill is. Well, that crime spree actually occurred in October of 2017-but who needs to pay attention to such details when you are busy trying to yank 2nd amendment rights off the board? I am sure Feinstein and her fellow anti-gunners will be quite willing to overlook such a mistake.

Oh, they also listed the Sutherland Springs TX church shooting as one of the three 2018 incidents too-and says it occurred in October of 2018 killing 26 parishioners and injuring 20 others. Well in fact, those murders occurred during November of 2017, and the press release also does not make mention of the fact that this bad guy with a gun was stopped by a good guy who retrieved his AR-15 carbine, shot the murderer and chased him down along with another civilian. But who worries about facts when you are in politics?

Reading all of the prohibitions and proposed actions inside this bill is enough to make your head pound. It starts out with banning sales, manufacture, import and transfer of 205 "military-style assault weapons" listed by name. (Didn't they learn anything from the California state laws trying to name individual guns by name brand or title-they found out there are a whole lot of manufacturers out there not on the list.)

Next up is banning "military style" weapons with detachable magazines and one or more "military characteristics." Oh, you mean exactly like the California state statutes! You know California "We are the government must protect you from yourselves at all times and you will thank us later."  I previously had to live in California twice for work, and am well acquainted with their laws and craziness. My favorite quick CA story, is I have an armorer's hammer on my bench that came with a sticker on it announcing the state of California had found some component in the hammer could be a cancer causing agent- if ingested. It's a wonder they did me the favor to let me buy a hammer in the first place.. however, thank you so much for taking the time and trouble to warn me to not eat it. 

The big three bans inside this proposed "Assault Weapons Bill" of course includes any magazine which hold more than 10 rounds because, well you know that is all you should need…by Democratic decree. Ten shall be thy number. Ten and only ten. Eleven is obviously too many.

Now they did throw in some language that you can keep your current legally owned guns and magazines. I guess that was included to prevent riots in the streets- you just would never be able to sell them or transfer them. 2,200 other guns are listed as "OK by the Dems" to have and hold for self defense, hunting and recreational purposes-oh so kind of them to deign to allow us that kind of use.

The Ridiculous Meter is pegged as the bill contents continue to include banning bump fire Stocks that allow " semi-automatic weapons to fire at fully automatic rates", all legally possessed "military style" grandfathered weapons must be stored with "secure gun storage" like a "trigger lock"- yes this would be federal law, and you could never ever transfer a high cap magazine.

Have you had enough yet? Well hang on, there is even more-they have flung this one far and wide to include bans on stocks that fold or are adjustable for length, bans assault pistols that weigh more than 50 ounces (well hell, I guess everyone knows the 49 ouncer is the only "good" gun!), bans pistol stabilizing braces completely, and bans Thordsen-style grips which "are designed to evade a ban on "assault weapons".

This Thordsen thing is more People's Republik of Kalifornia stuff. The state banned combinations of military features without outright banning all AR's (too slippery to nail that one down), and manufacturers worked around a lot of the bans in some asthetically ugly but clever ways to produce AR-15 parts that let owners still shoot and own their guns legally in the People's Republik.  Apparently the Kalif Dems are still smarting over that one-so what the heck, lets just ban 'em all for "designing to evade another different ban". That's a heck of a law right there damn it! Making it illegal to evade another law that is already illegal….yeah my head hurts too just reading it.

The anti-gun agenda is flying their flag proudly now-they don't have to downplay it now that the elections are past. They threw the whole damn kitchen sink into this California inspired bill. The breadth is so awful and the writing so terrible it's not like this abomination could survive judicial scrutiny-but why should the entire nation of law abiding gun owners have to even suffer through such non-sense?

The Dems have come out with anti-guns blazing-they have only had control of the U.S. House of Republicans for seven days now. This type of bill is most likely just a publicity stunt for their contributors and publicity purposes, but take heed- it is a gauntlet thrown down to demonstrate how they are going to behave this session.

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5 thoughts on “Feinstein Announces HUGE Anti-“Assault Weapons Bill” in the U.S. Senate”
  1. U.S. CODE:  TITLE 18, CHAPTER 13, SECTIONS #241 & #242.  No need for N.R.A., Gunssavelife, or any other money grubbing organization.  Tell your Congessman: "It's the LAW"!  Congress isn't  smart enough, so remind them!

  2. KK, you missed it; so here it is again:  "TITLE 18, CHAPTER 13, SECTIONS #241 & #242."  Spend your money any way you want. but you better learn to read.

  3. I think you are the one who has missed it. It doesn't matter to the gun grabbers what any title or amendment says. They are going to ignore them and do everything they can to take away your guns. The only thing that has stood in their way has been the NRA and similar organizations.

    You are reaping the benefit of something you choose not to pay for.

  4. Kk:  fyi. I am a lifetime nra, they won't strike my name from their roll, so for atonement,  I became a lifetime Gun Owners of America member (the only non compromise gun group).  Once again, for your reading comprehension skill practice set:  United States Code, Title 18, Chapter 13, Sections #241 & #242.

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