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Slick-talker Kwame Raoul may claim to respect the Second Amendment, but that wouldn't be the first lie he told that didn't have to do with seducing a woman.  Recently, someone did a nice job photoshopping a photo of him in a $5 Walmart graphic t-shirt to say "Take your guns movement."  I wrote that he let the mask slip in the photograph with gun control doyenne Gabby Giffords.  As if the photo were real.

Frankly, a photo is worth a thousand words.  As an example:  Tio Hardiman went off the deep end when I published the story of his domestic violence arrest (the most recent one) with a photo of a black woman who suffered facial trauma.


Tio called me from his cell phone at 11:40pm on a Friday night, a few weeks before the Illinois Democrat Primary election.  Seems he found our story.  He was completely unglued.  And then he lied to me.  Repeatedly.  Oh, he sounded convincing, but I knew more than he liked.  I even knew some stuff that wasn't really "public information."  Yes, the Internet never forgets. 

Even in the #MeToo era, nobody among Democrats brought up Tio's history of wife beating arrests.  Plural arrests.  Yeah, Democrats are quick to believe Brett Kavanaugh groped some teen girl's boob as a high school sophomore 36 years ago, give or take, but they completely ignore a candidate with multiple arrests and a conviction later sealed as part of successful completion of a slap on the wrist sentence.

So, like my use of a photo in the story about Tio's arrest for beating his wife, the photo of Kwame in a doctored shirt – in my opionion – nicely sums up Kwame's position on guns.  Right down to the middle finger salute on the shirt Kwame's wearing.  Simply put, that's what Slick-talker Kwame thinks of Illinois gun owners: Eff you.

The Second Amendment of the US Constitution reads: A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.  The plain meaning comes across as obvious to all who can read and think.  What's more, "the people" means everyone here in America, as affirmed by the Heller and McDonald US Supreme Court decisions.

Meanwhile the Illinois State Senator who got himself appointed to fill Barack Obama's Illinois Senate seat – Slick-talker  Kwame Raoul – doesn't give a damn what the Constitution says.  He keeps his power by keeping his fellow African-Americans, or "People of Color" as the left likes to say these days, firmly anchored on the gun control plantation of dependency.  Yeah, while slavery was outlawed in the 1860s following the Civil War (thanks to Republicans, but who follows real history these days?), Democrats have every since looked for ways to keep those People of Color dependent upon government.  And Slick-talker Kwame Raoul is happy to work for those rich whites to keep his fellow "people of color" stuck on the gun control plantation.

Because if black folks embraced their gun rights, criminals and corrupt politicians would have *much* less power over their lives.  And their standard of living might actually improve.  They might feel empowered in their lives instead of enslaved to the ghetto.

Yeah, we have a choice this year in the Illinois Attorney General's race.  In short, it's Miss America vs. Mr. Gun Control Confiscation.  Take your pick when you go to vote.  And failing to vote is effectively a vote for Mr. Gun Confiscation.  Because last election, 14,800 more people cast ballots in Chicago that were registered to vote.

Why else are rich whites so keen to keep blacks disarmed?

For the same reason abusive men like to keep women disarmed.  Some men, like Tio Hardiman, no doubt would like to keep their women stripped of the ability to fight back.  If Tio wasn't such a bully, he'd go after someone just as physically capable as himself and it would be described as mutual combat.  Not wife beating.

Again, who needs history, right?


Armed blacks don't get oppressed.  But Kwame likes to keep his fellow African-Americans on the plantation, because it maintains their dependency on the Chicago Democratic Machine.


And you can't beat a girl who shoots, Tio.



3 thoughts on “DIRECT AND PROFANE: Slick-talker Kwame Raoul, his support for gun confiscations, and a photoshopped T-shirt.”
  1. You are a hypocrite. You don't care about the truth either, just attention and headlines. It's disgusting. But, hey, enjoy the attention. 

  2. Kwame is for gun control, then why do his people of color have so many guns? Illegal guns, that they use to slaughter each other, to rob people, to maim people and to leave around for their kids to shoot themselves with.  Your people of color just shot a 6 month old baby!  You and every other race hustler needs to burn in hell, all you do is play the race game to stay in office, all the while sacrificing your own people.  What the people of color need is to do is stop, just stop the endless cycle of dependency and violence.  No one owes you anything.

  3. well. Chicago. Got van dyke. In jail.      Now cops are afraid to use any kind of force.  Or authority to  stop criminals. And. Guess what today they got 4 cops injured    How would you like a job as a cop in Chicago  ????

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