Are you or someone you know a foster parent in Illinois who is also a gun owner?  We are urgently seeking additional individual plaintiffs for a landmark civil rights lawsuit.

If you or someone you know an Illinois foster parent and proud gun owner, we want to talk with you before the end of business today.  Call GSL Executive Director John Boch at 217 649-3702.

Or you can contact the ISRA and their attorney David Sigale.  Below is the corrected ISRA email.

We are looking for more plaintiffs in our case against the Department of Children and Family Services and Lisa Madigan.  The DCFS prevents people from exercising their Second Amendment rights if they have children in foster care in their home.


If you have foster children in your custody and would like to join the suit against DCFS and the State of Illinois please contact David Sigale at

4 thoughts on “URGENT: Illinois Foster Parent Gun Owners: Plaintiffs wanted for SAF civil rights suit.”
  1. It's too bad GSL isn't trustworthy. We have two foster daughters and would love to see a change in rules and regulations with DCFS, however, my wife and I agree that trusting GSL to represent us would be a huge mistake. A picture might be worth a 1000 words, but the truth is irreplaceable.

  2. Im a foster parent. just took my ccw the week before the last placement. there arent any restrictions to 2a households, i can open carry in my home. I can take them shooting. I can store as many weapons as my house will hold. I can send my ccw paperwork in any time i want. this is a farce

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