QUEEN KATHLEEN WILLIS:  You Gun Sanctuary *Scofflaws*!

Illinois' Queen of Gun Control Kathleen Willis (pictured) loves herself some gun control.  We have a state that's effectively bankrupt and losing upwards of 100,000 people every year due to poor economics and high taxes.  At the same time, Illinois State Rep. Queen Kathleen Willis surely spends a lot of time campaigning against gun rights for Illinois' law-abiding gun owners.  As if we are the ones shooting up Chicago's neighborhoods each and every weekday and multiple times on the weekends.

One indicator that an effort is making a difference is by how the other side reacts to it.  If nobody ever reacts to what you do and say, maybe it's because nobody's noticed your actions.  If, on the other hand, you legitimately impact a particular issue, you will see the results.

In the case of the nearly 40 Illinois counties who have passed gun sanctuary resolutions in opposition to the gun control measures that Kathleen Willis so "selflessly" promotes, the resolutions prove quite the cockleburs in Willis' capacious Birkenstocks.



She has introduced Illinois House Resolution 1197 in response to the "gun sanctuary" resolutions spreading across Illinois like wildfire.  We share it here with you.  After all, Her Royal Highness has got a new label she's slapping you with inside the otherwise meaningless resolution.

    WHEREAS, Gun violence is an epidemic in America and in

Illinois, touching all parts of the State; and

Right out of the gate, Queen Kathleen Willis stretches the truth.  Here's a map of "gun violence" in America.  Notice the vast areas of white?  Those are counties without homicides.  Hey Kathleen:  Here's a tip for the day:  Don't live in the darker red counties!

QUEEN KATHLEEN WILLIS:  You Gun Sanctuary *Scofflaws*!

Get this:  54% of US counties in 2014 had zero murders, 2% of counties have 51% of the murders.

Clearly, it's not a case of guns causing crime.  Or a prevalence of guns in the community causing crime.  If that was the case, Texas, Kentucky, and plenty of other states without real gun control would show up crimson red and places like Massachusetts, California and New Jersey would be lily-white with their strict gun control laws.

Even within Chicago, the homicides tend to be clustered in certain areas.

QUEEN KATHLEEN WILLIS:  You Gun Sanctuary *Scofflaws*!

And compare that with a map of people who voted for Donald Trump in Chicago:

QUEEN KATHLEEN WILLIS:  You Gun Sanctuary *Scofflaws*!

The areas deeply controlled by the Chicago Democratic Machine are the areas with the highest murder rates.

Seems the correlation between Democrats and homicides runs a lot stronger than "guns and homicides", don't you think.

Oh well, don't let facts get in the way of virtue signaling and demagoguery by Queen Kathleen.

    WHEREAS, The legislative and executive branches of the

State have lawfully regulated guns and gun trafficking; and

    WHEREAS, The U.S. Supreme Court has upheld the

constitutionality of reasonable state gun violence prevention

regulations; Conservative Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito

stated in the McDonald decision that state "experimentation

with reasonable firearms regulations will continue under the

Second Amendment"; and

Reasonable?  Alito noted that experimentation will continue.  Not that he approved of it or that it was constitutional. 

    WHEREAS, President Trump's administration appears to be

willfully ignoring the problem of gun violence in America, and

Really?  By not promoting more failed gun control that a majority of the nation does not want? 

at the same time, is attempting to coerce municipal police

forces into diverting their resources towards harassing

immigrant populations;

You mean illegal aliens?  It's a felony to enter America illegally.  By definition they are all felons, Queen Kathleen.  Enforcing the rule of law is not "harassing", it's maintaining law and order.

some municipalities have lawfully

opposed having their local law enforcement used for such

purposes and have been dubbed "sanctuary cities"; and

"Lawfully" opposed having their local police enforce the rule of law when it comes to illegal aliens?  There's nothing lawful about willfully obstructing justice.  The hypocrisy runs deep with this woman and those who think like her.

If she thought for a minute that illegal aliens voted Republican, she would be screaming for the border wall to be seen from space!

    WHEREAS, Some counties in Illinois have erroneously tried

to liken the cause of a sanctuary city with opposition to gun

violence prevention measures by declaring themselves "gun

sanctuary counties", thereby declaring their intention to

refuse to enforce any gun safety measures lawfully passed by

the State with which they disagree; and

Let the hypocrisy rain forth!  For me, but not for thee!

    WHEREAS, These counties are trying to use those lawful

sanctuary cities as an excuse to unlawfully ignore important,

democratically-implemented, state laws; and

An excuse?  No, it's more of a following the shining example that you have provided, Kathleen Willis.

Democratically-implemented?  You mean like Donald Trump was democratically elected and entitled to run the executive branch of government how he sees fit? 


    WHEREAS, These so-called "gun sanctuary counties" are

nothing more than scofflaw counties, usurping the judiciary and

role of separation of powers in our government, while openly

encouraging criminal behavior; therefore, be it

While openly encouraging criminal behavior?  You mean like Mayor Rahm Emanual, along with the Chicago government leaders did with their Chicago sanctuary city proclamation?  And members of the Illinois General Assembly who approved the "Illinois is a sanctuary state" law?



condemn these scofflaw counties and declare their attempts to

label themselves as "gun sanctuaries" as an unconstitutional

and shameless political stunt which undermines the rule of law

and threatens the safety of all Illinois citizens.

So, she's calling those who acknowledge constitutional rights scofflaws!  Wow, what's next?  Deplorables, too perhaps? 


Resolved:   Kathleen Willis is a pathetic and loathsome political hack dedicated to keeping her constituents firmly shackled on the Democrat plantation.   Just like slave owners in antebellum times, today's Democrats love keeping minorities mired in poverty, crime and misery in order to keep their political jobs safe.

QUEEN KATHLEEN WILLIS:  You Gun Sanctuary *Scofflaws*!

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  1. "Kathleen Willis is a pathetic and loathsome political hack dedicated to keeping her constituents firmly shackled on the Democrat plantation.   Just like slave owners in antebellum times, today's Democrats love keeping minorities mired in poverty, crime and misery in order to keep their political jobs safe."

    I'll second that motion.  (Fancy formatting and everything!  My grandchildren would be proud of me.)


    1. Remember, Gov Rauner gave Willis free publicity when he signed the gun control laws.  I would have forgiven him if he signed them privately in the dark of night saying, "These are terrible laws, but I cannot stop them.  I will sign them to allow the state to move forward on important matters."  Rauner is just as much an enemy of gun owners as Willis.


  2. To describe this porcine look alike as loathsome is slathering pork fat on a ham. She is typical of the despicable and derelict DEMORAT political cockaroaches that infest Springfield and Washington District of Corruption. She would sell (or perhaps eat ) her own grandchildren to appease the roaches of her party to continue the civilian disarmament industry staffed and operated by the like of Gabby "Meat Puppet" Giffords and Shannon "Cabbage Patch" Watts.

    1. Grandchildren?  Maybe feline grandchildren.

      I don't think she's got any kids.  Not sure she's ever been married.  I don't think she's gay either… in 2013, she opposed same sex marriage.

      I would bet that she's got cats.  Lots of them.

  3. Has anyone else noticed that you never see Michael Moore and Kathleen Willis in the same photo?


  4. Let’s look at the map provided and examine the violent areas in Illinois.  We see Cook County as one large red area and 2 other small red spots at East St. Louis.

     Just guessing I would say we are looking at no more than 5% of the land mass of Illinois having any type of gun violence problems but the KKK Democrats want us to believe that we have an epidemic of violence across Illinois and that urgent action is needed.

     That is simply not true. We do not have an epidemic nor do we need to make drastic actions for a problem that doesn’t exist.

     Now lets address the homicide rate for Chicago; if you look at the Encyclopedia of Chicago history; you will find that Chicago has always had a Homicide/crime problem.

     From the Race Riots in 1919 to the Beer Wars of the 1930’s, through the Race Riots of the 1960’s all of these time periods represented a spike in Homicides but after the civil unrest ceased the spike in Homicides and crime returned to there historical lower levels.

     However a new twist began to occur in  the 1965 – 1970 time period, The homicide rates began to remain higher after periods of social unrest and did not return to there historical lower levels.

     I believe the reason for this change is Gun Control. After the passage of gun control laws the homicide rate for Chicago began to spiral out of control.

     Starting in the late 1960’s the Homicide rate began to climb, almost doubling and even tripling. By 1974, Chicago officially reported 972 Homicides.

     For the next 20 years, the Reported number of Homicides remained historically high with 972 Homicides being reported in 1994, equaling the 1974 number.

     Chicago’s crime and homicide problems are “NOT” the problem of the remaining 95% of Illinois. This issue is isolated to a very small area and occurs within a small segment of our population.

     To Call for State wide measures to solve the problems of such a small demographic area is ridiculous and un-necessary.

     We do not need a FOID card or Red Flag law to solve a problem is such a small segment of our population.

  5. Is it me or does it look like she should be munching on frogs while princess Leia is chained to the bed and Han solo is in the closet frozen in carbonite? 

    "There will be no bargain young jedi…I'm taking you guns!"


  6. Unfortunately, The Next election is going to have us vote for the lesser evil. Rauner. JB will bring back Daley Style Democratic Draconian Gun Laws. I hope everyone can join the ISRA. The next four years are going to be Interesting!

    1. Voting for the lesser of 2 evils is stupid.  If we don't take revenge against our enemies, soon we won't have any friends.


    2. Sorry, I already dropped my ISRA membership. When you start helping to write anti 2A legislation, you’re no longer working for gun owners.

    3. I dropped my ISRA membership several years ago. I plan to join back when R.P is no longer there.

      Memberships in GSL, NRA, SAF, GOA, T(exas)SRA and numerous others but I just can't support ISRA at this point.

  7. The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

    The real enemy is JB Prickster.

    What does that leave us?

    1. She doesn't have to skip meals.  She's getting $588,821 in campaign contributions from Madigan's campaign funds.

  8. The Democrat Party brought you;

    Jim Crow laws to maintain control of the freed from slavery after the Civil War.

    The KKK to inforce the Democrat control.

    The gun control laws to insure that Blacks could not be armed to defend them self.

    Japanese internment camps.

    Fight against integration of schools, lunch counters, etc. 

    Filibustered the Civil Rights Bill.

    Illinois registered gun owners and Chicago registered firearms.  Outlawed cheaper firearms, preventing many small / inexpensive self-defense weapons.  Then refused to allow any handguns to be registered in the city.

    Here’s a Timeline of the Major Gun Control Laws in America




    The National Firearms Act, as a ”New Deal for Crime“ meant to curtail gangland crime, required federal firearms license. It defined that convicted felons could not purchase guns. 

    The U.S. Supreme Court heard the case United States v. Miller, ruling that through the National Firearms Act of 1934, Congress could regulate the interstate selling of a short barrel shotgun. 

    The Gun Control Act of 1968. The GCA repealed and replaced the FFA, updated Title II of the NFA to fix constitutional issues, added language about “destructive devices and expanded the definition of “machine gun.” Banned importing guns that have “no sporting purpose,” imposed age restrictions for the purchase of handguns (gun owners had to be 21), prohibited felons, the mentally ill, and others from purchasing guns, required that all manufactured or imported guns have a serial number, and according to the ATF, imposed “stricter licensing and regulation on the firearms industry.”  Outlawed cheap guns to restrict who could afford a firearm.

    The Firearm Owners Protection Act was passed by Congress. The law mainly enacted protections for gun owners — prohibiting a national registry of dealer records, limiting ATF inspections to once per year (unless there are multiple infractions), softening what is defined as “engaging in the business” of selling firearms, and allowing licensed dealers to sell firearms at “gun shows” in their state. It also loosened regulations on the sale and transfer of ammunition.  The bill also codified some gun control measures, including expanding the GCA to prohibit civilian ownership or transfer of machine guns made after May 19, 1986, and redefining “silencer” to include parts intended to make silencers.

    The Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act of 1993 is the law, which amends the GCA, requires that background checks be completed before a gun is purchased from a licensed dealer, manufacturer or importer. It established the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS), which is maintained by the FBI.

    Tucked into the sweeping and controversial Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act, signed by President Clinton in 1994, is the subsection titled Public Safety and Recreational Firearms Use Protection Act. This is known as the assault weapons ban — a temporary prohibition in effect from September of 1994 to September of 2004.

    The Tiahrt Amendment, proposed by Todd Tiahrt (R-Kan.), prohibited the ATF from publicly releasing data showing where criminals purchased their firearms and stipulated that only law enforcement officers or prosecutors could access such information.  “The law effectively shields retailers from lawsuits, academic study and public scrutiny,” The Washington Post wrote in 2010. “It also keeps the spotlight off the relationship between rogue gun dealers and the black market in firearms.”

    The Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act was signed by President George W. Bush to prevent gun manufacturers from being named in federal or state civil suits by those who were victims of crimes involving guns made by that company.

    District of Columbia v. Heller essentially changed a nearly 70-year precedent set by Miller in 1939. While the Miller ruling focused on the “well regulated militia” portion of the Second Amendment (known as the “collective rights theory” and referring to a state’s right to defend itself), Heller focused on the “individual right to possess a firearm unconnected with service in a militia.”


  9. maybe Kathleen. And. J  B.    Should get together  for breakfast – lunch –  dinner.   And  talk a little bit about self control at the table.     Naw.  They wouldn’t know anything about that. 

    1. The real issue is not Willis' appearance but her calous disregard of her constitutional oath to give citizens the Equal Protection of the Law.  Gun owners are subject to harassment and discrimination by busybodies motivated by anti-firearms bigotry.


  10. Yeah, we can do better than attacking her appearance.

    She is evil.  and a good plantation guard, too.


  12. We probably could do better than attacking the  appearance of the JB/Billy Goat love child… but where is the fun in that 

  13. "experimentation with reasonable firearms regulations will continue under the Second Amendment";

    That was the petition of 38 states. They want to be able to continue to have the power to regulate. Alito said, " Under our precedents, if a Bill of Rights guarantee is fundamental from an American perspective, then, unless stare decisis counsels otherwise, that guarantee is fully binding on the States and thus limits (but by no means eliminates) their ability to devise solutions to social problems that suit local needs and values."

    McDonald ruling says the power to regulated is limited for the States and Local government. The second amendment is not limited to only the federal government. She stupidly selects the amici petition of the 38 to quote Alito which is wrong, that is only a note.

  14. Quenn Kathy is a hypocrite. Liberals like her support gun bans and grabs and are anti-2nd amendment freedom stealing dictators. Liberals also support the murder of 60 million unborn and some born babies since 1973. The hypocrites set the example of murdering 60 million babies since 1973 for the children to learn murder is a problem solving tool. Then the hypocritical libturd democrats whine about gun violence and blame the guns instead of their failure to set a good example for children by valuing human life. Demonrats teach human life has no value and feign surprise when Chicago has 100's of murders. Abortion and democrats are deserving of our hatred for causing people to not value human life and the wasted billions of dollars on hospital, policing, etc… they don't care about the brown skin lives that get snuffed out in Chicago, as long as they can murder unborn babies.  The killing of unborn babies is an epidemic in America. 


    That lying pig needs to  remember our constitutionally protected right..     

    Subject ONLY to the police power, the right of the
    individual citizen to keep and bear arms shall not be
    infringed. (Source: Illinois Constitution.)




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