Governor Rauner signs the "Snitch Bill" and 3-day waits on all firearm purchases today. 

Yeah, it's in the Tribune.

Governor Rauner signs ‘Snitch Bill’, 3-day wait on all firearm purchases

(Chicago Tribune) – Gov. Bruce Rauner signed into law Monday a measure allowing police to take away guns from those judged in court to pose a threat.

He also extended the 72-hour gun-purchase waiting period to all firearms but said he would veto a measure adding more oversight to gun stores.

Rauner said at a news conference that he was “proud” to sign the firearms order of protection measure, noting that it was supported by law enforcement and calling it “a very important step forward to increase safety for the people of our state.”

The so-called “red flag” bill will allow family members or police to seek an order of protection to confiscate guns from those deemed “an immediate and present danger” to themselves or others.

On the other side of the issue, the Illinois State Rifle Association initially opposed the new order of protection bill but negotiated limits on the proposal that allowed the group to drop its opposition.

[emphasis added]

Over at Illinois Carry, their spokeswoman Valinda Rowe posted this:

Governor Commits to Veto Gun Dealer Licensing Bill!

Signs Emergency Intervention Bill and 72-Hr. Waiting Period

IllinoisCarry would like to thank Governor Rauner for announcing at a press conference in Chicago today that he will veto SB337, the gun dealer licensing bill. The bill was passed by both House and Senate during the spring legislative session but has not been sent to the Governor's desk yet.  It is good to know that when it is sent, it will be dead on arrival!!

The Governor signed HB2354. The new law provides for emergency intervention when someone is threatening to commit suicide,or a school shooting, work place violence, etc. 

We in the firearms community strongly feel someone who is a danger to themselves or others should not be in possession of firearms. We know how important emergency intervention is when someone is posing a danger to themselves or others. However, we also hold strong to the fact that Second Amendment Constitutional rights must also be protected. The Second Amendment community worked long and hard to insure those protections are in this bill:

[emphasis added]

“The Second Amendment community worked long and hard to insure those protections are in this bill” Valinda Rowe wrote.  For the record, Valinda’s “Second Amendment Community” did NOT include Guns Save Life.  Existing law allows law enforcement authorities to take action in any instances Mrs. Rowe cited as justification for this new gun control law.

Let me make this perfectly clear:  Guns Save Life has never supported bills to strip gun owners of their gun rights without due process.

40 thoughts on “Guns Save Life has not and will never support bills to strip gun owners of their gun rights without due process”
  1. Color me pissed at both ISRA but especially Illinois Carry.  With friends like these…

  2. Guess they didn’t care how this new law will be absolutely abused and the only people who will suffer are the law abiding gun owners. Gang thugs/criminals, not so much. Tyranny and oppression takes many faces. I’ll be interested to see how many times this new law is used, on who and what the reasons are. Anyone on here that has a liberal in their life or a significant other they are about to separate from, better “lose” their weapons quick! 

  3. It sounds to me like the individuals of IL were sold out for the gun dealers! 

  4. Thanks to our friends at ISRA and Illinois Carry the governor just lost the election and gun owners just lost a basic right of due process, and maybe a whole lot more.

    Gun owners are not going to support a candidate or a gun rights group that stabs them in the back. Why do you think people voted for Trump? Because We are tired of Compromise!

    I expect thousands of Gun Owners to stay home or vote third party.

    The Founding Fathers wanted our rights to be based on Gods law, not mans law. In Illinois we must have a permission slip (FOID Card, Mans Law) to exercise our right to Keep and Bear Arms and a right to self-defense.

    This is not the first time a deal as been made to undermine our rights, (remember the so-called gun show loop-hole stunt) but it does need to be the LAST.

    The Following is my opinion…

    Therefore, I am calling for Richard Pearson to step down as Executive Director of ISRA. Recently, Richard has been to easily swayed by the leftist in the general Assembly into the act of compromise and it must end. No more silly excuses, see below>


    As for Illinois Carry; I ask ALL gun owners across the state to cease their support for this organization. Hopefully due to a lack of funds they will just go away. 

    The Good News…

    The NRA sent out an Alert calling for the Governor to Veto these bills. Apparently they opposed these bills, ALL through the process. GSL has emerged as a legitimate force in the Illinois Rights movement.  With John Boch being a fresh face and strong voice for our 2A rights

    I would like to see GSL be able to step in a fill the gap. Our 2A rights depend on strong leadership and I believe John Boch can be that NEW Leader

    What We Need to do.. (All is not lost)

    We need to support GSL and have them start a Foundation so they can lobby in Springfield. We need to continue support for the NRA. We ALL need to support and encourage candidates that will support our causes. We must become more PRO-ACTIVE. The Left understands being Pro-Active; we must do the same

    1. Excellent post !!! I am sick and tired of the "let's give the liberal traitors some of our liberty and they may let us keep the rest if we say pretty please ". Rauner signs a bill expanding the waiting period for LAW ABIDING gun owners and also signs a bill allowing confiscation of legally owned CONSTITUTIONALLY protected property without due process and Richard Pearson pukes up "We applaud the Governor for taking action to save lives" !!!!!

      If Rauner decides to AGAIN pander to the leftists in a sad attempt to get their votes and calls for an "assualt weapon " ban bill will Pearson appluad that as well ? How much groveling and pandering does Rauner have to do to lose the support of the other so called gun rights groups in Illinois ? He sticks it to us and they bring out the turd polish.

      Yes, those bills had big majorities in the House and Senate thanks to traitor liberal Dummycrats, back stabbing Republicans, and plenty of do nothing gun owners who slept threw the fight and they could have overturned a veto but Rauner failed to stand up and say he will not infringe on the law abiding or strip rights without due process.

      Thanks to the overwhelming number of idiots voting, and Rauner stabbing his base in the back AGAIN I think sack of stinking **** Pritzger will win this one so start planning what you'll be doing with your CONSTITUTIONALLY protected property now.

      And BTW Vetoeing dealer licensing is the way it should be rather than the scraps we get to keep with this comprimise.

    2. Although I too am disappointed with the endorsement by others and signing of this bill by the governor I do not agree with your proclamation that the governor just lost his re-election. As many of your posts are mostly positive, you might influence others to not vote for Rauner which is a huge mistake as J.B. Pritzker will be multiple times worse. Rauner probably signed this, (again I don't like it) could have been worse bill to gain votes in November. 

    3. You are correct my post is more negative than usual. My comment was based on my understanding of the numbers and perhaps my frustration. If I have upset anyone, it was not my intention.

      I am not suggesting people not vote for Rauner but the demographics of this election cycle favors gun owners over any other group in having a positive impact for Rauners re-election.

      I make it a habit to talk to people about the need to vote and I am receiving some very apathetic responses from gun owners.  Signing HB2354 into law will not set well with gun owners. I expect gun owners to stay home or vote third party.

      Please consider the fact that thousands people have left the state in the last 4-5 years; the odds of Rauner being re-elected keep getting slimmer. Please realize 33,000 people left Illinois last year and that was a low number compared to previous years.  

      I know we need to vote,  and Rauner is still heads and shoulders above JB, but at some point we have to draw a line in the sand and say NO MORE!

      I believe that time has come!


    4. Yes people are fleeing Illinois is droves but it's more of a product of decades of poor leadership, aka democrat speaker Mike Madigan in the House severely limiting any governer that's not kowtowing to the socialist agenda. Although Rauner is not my #1 choice, he is the ONLY choice compared to JB Pritker. I keep up on politics and I see more support for Rauner than ever before. 

      As you draw that line in the sand then contact your representatives and let them know how you feel. Encourage others to do the same. Talk to those around you (as you say you do). But know that positive words and show of support for Rauner is needed to defeat JB cause like I said, JB will most likely be Illinois patriots worst nightmare when it comes to the 2nd Amendment.

      Watch your negatives cause subliminal suggestion will not serve our quest to preserve the rights of We The People of Illinois or the good ole USA. Thank you for your reply.

      God Bless America!


    5. Israel first:

      Rich and I have not always seen eye to eye, but I won't join your call to ask him to resign.

      The Illinois GA is not black and white on the gun issue.  If you cannot nuance, then you'll be left sitting in the corner sucking on your thumb losing at every turn, wondering why you cannot accomplish anything.  You might have "self-righteousness" in that you did not bend or compromise.  You might even wear your self-righteousness in public, but it's not bulletproof and it doesn't stop bad guys.  It doesn't defend your family either.

      You wanna be pissed, then read this story about who to direct your anger towards to affect positive change.

      Don’t Blame ISRA & Illinois Carry. They did what they thought was right.



    6. I am very disappointed John that you made an Adhominem attack instead of challenging my opinion.

      What you claim is a difference of opinion with ISRA and Illinois Carry, we now call Law in Illinois.

      There is one issue that I am wrong on and I must apologize. You are sadly not ready to be a spokesman for the gun rights movement in Illinois. Had you address my call for change in the ISRA and IC in a mature manner instead of attacking me personally I would say you were ready.

      Others are questioning this new LAW in Illinois


  5. HB2354 will be used against lawful gun owners as a form of Swatting. I expect innocent gun owners to be killed in these Swatting  raids across the state

    Antifa is allready Doxing police across the country. They are threatening to RAPE the wives of police officers in Portland Oregon. 


    If the Left is willing to go after the police and threaten to RAPE their wives and commit murder; What do you think they will do to us now that HB2354 is law? 

    This is sick. The ISRA and Illinois Carry just gave Rauner permission to committ treason against lawful lawabiding  people. The left has to be be going wild at the thought of using this law HB2354 against gun owners. 

    What a sad, sad day in Illinois 

    1. FreeIL:

      While I understand your animation, go back and recheck the definition of treason.  No, IC/ISRA didn't do any such thing.  As much as I disagree with what they did, they 1) didn't do it by themselves (the Democrat sponsors of this bill were there too) and 2) gun owners have done an insufficient job educating suburban and urban voters in Illinois about the proven benefits of firearm ownership.  Until they start voting guns, we're going to have a tough road.


  6. The freedom hating bigots against law abiding gun owners at ILLINOIS COUNCIL AGAINST HANDGUN VIOLENCE have it on their Facebook page that they're THRILLED with Rauner signing the 3 day waiting bill and the suspend rights / confiscate property without due process bill . They're claiming this a victory. http://www.facebook.com/ILGVP/

    1. I just went to the link and the gun grabbers are thrilled. Its a Big win for gun control!

      There is a picture on that Face Book Page of Rauner signing HB2354 into law; Is that Valinda Rowe of Illinois Carry in the background?  

    2. Bill,

      Thank you for that picture.  I found another with Eddie Sullivan there as well.  They were a priceless addition to my TTAG story.  I told my wife after I saw this early yesterday, "GSL members are the best!"


    1. Nothing is Perfect – Not Even an Illinois Governor

      There are many things I wish for but will never get, among them much greater involvement in the legislative processes and elections, but also, that gun owners would take time to actually understand the processes.

      In a perfect world, constitutional carry and ownership would be the law of the land. There would not be restrictions on any arms. This is not a perfect world and Illinois is far from a perfect state. We were the first state to make switchblades illegal and the last state to allow for any kind of carry. Those of us who spend time at the statehouse know how difficult it is to advance a pro gun agenda and to try to suppress anti gun agendas. Sometimes, as bad as it tastes some compromise is necessary. Only 10% of the population is strongly pro gun and even less belong to or financially support pro gun groups. WTF do you expect to happen?

      Not voting for Rauner is only going to make it much worse much more quickly.

      Here are some questions to ask yourself:

      – How many witness slips did you file this year?

      – How many committee hearing did you attend in person?

      – How many private visits did you have with legislators and other elected officials on 2A issues?

      – How many letters did you write to your elected officials?

      – How many fund raisers for elected officials did you attend this year?

      – How much money did you give to pro gun groups at both the national or state level this year?

      If you cannot proudly post those numbers here, maybe you should listen to those who can.

      Vote for Rauner because JB is far worse.

    2. I'm always surprised at how gun owners turn on their own when things go bad.  I guess I shouldn't be…it's been going on for over 30 years.  We immediatly damn the leadership of our organizations instead of the real enemy…the Democrats.  Mike Madigan, Speaker of the House, has more power than the Governor.  If you don't get that…you're not paying attention.


    1. DO NOT let these bills passed, divide us!

      Stand strong and ready for the next fight!

    2. While I don't know about peeling off ISRA stickers, I know GSL stickers go on rather nicely and communicate two messages in one slogan.

      Guns save life &

      I'm not defenseless.

      I had a lady in a passenger seat of a Subaru with a "War is not the answer" sticker become rather animated.  She gave me a thumbs down with a scowl on her face as they went by. Then her husband slowed down and she then flipped me the bird.  I smiled, waved (with all fingers extended) and had a chuckle.  My sticker is working!

      Scratch a prog, get a would-be tyrant.

  7. I have a theory that the Republicans who voted for these bills figured Rauner would veto the bills and he woudl save them.  With Pritzer in office, these traitors will know they cannot have it both ways and will grow a spine.  Republicans only grow a spine when they are out of power.  Look at Washington DC now.

  8. Yes, I want to spank the hell out of the republicans that let these bills get out of their chambers. Unfortunately that would strengthen the democrats that are so contemptuous of the 2nd amendment. Realistically considering Politics in Illinois and the gun grabber shitstorm that 2018 has been, if these are the only bad gun bills enacted this year we staved off a real disaster. BOTH BILLS had veto-proof margins ( I JUST double checked!!) and had the bills been sent back with a veto or an amendatory veto the veto override vote(s) would have been during the lame duck session after the election. Guaranteed pass. NO way to beat these two bills, guys. No leverage – “melting phone lines” included. Better BOTH sides claim victory and try to hog credit – pointing out the cooperation. To the naysayers, READ the BILLS and the limitations therein before engaging faulty criticism, some of the best 2A lawyers have gone through them and supposedly say they could be best case models of the type (I don’t have direct verification). The original bills WERE a hell of a lot worse. IF Pritzker gets in as Governor – you will ENDURE the meanings of BAD and WORSE.

    1. Yeah man. You couldn't pay me enough to be governor. What a sheetshow of misunderstanding and knee jerk reactions one has to deall with everyday! The disinformation that works against you. Politics sucks! BUT We need a red wave in November for the 2nd Amendment in IL to stand a chance. It's just that simple. Mike Madigan's grip, Don Harmon, Cullerton, all those traitors need to be voted out first chance we get. Both sides, republicans and demonrats,,,I'm not a fan. But the demon-rats are the worst!

      God Bless America, the Constitution, the 2nd Amendment, and We The People!

      America First!

    2. Sorry Mark.  Disagree with you.  Any (R) or any (D) who campaigns as friend of gun owners and then votes against guns is someone I'm going to work to unseat.  I don't care if their opponent is anti-gun or a Democrat or what.

      Rauner was a giant questionmark on guns for the entire campaign in 2014, and through the first three plus years of his term.  He vetoed the terrible gun dealer licensing scheme.  And I'm not sure why he signed these two gun control bills so publicly, but I understand that a veto would likely be over-ridden in today's political climate in the General Assembly, creating a huge political embarrassment for the Gov.

  9. I dont know if I am ready to call for any resignations, but I am not supporting what IC did either. 

    Instead of trying to shore up support for a veto, some were sleeping with the enemy.

  10. U.S. Code Title 18, Chapter 13, Sections #241 & #242.  I said it before; now I will say it again, … READ IT!!!!

  11. Valinda likes to think she's a,leader.  Leader of what though?  Didn't ISRA fire her as a lobbyist? 

    I thought it hard to get fired as a volunteer but she proved it possible and did it!

    1. Sorry, I messed up link above. Just go to thetruthaboutguns.com and scroll down to the article with Rauners picture.

    2. As a former ISRA Board Member I can assure you the ISRA did not fire Valind Rowe.  The Rowe's voluntarily decided not to renew their contract with the ISRA.

  12. Maybe I'm a simpleton, a rube, and therefore can't foresee 9 steps ahead into the nuance how compromises are beneficial to the future.  All I know is that these compromises are unbearable mockery of my God-given rights codified in The Bill of Rights.  You pencil necks can make careers out of complicating the simple and direct–I will not back up one more inch!

  13. I wrote Rauner saying I was disgusted with the signing and that I definitely would not vote for him in Nov.

    I have also unsubscribed from IL Carry.

  14. U.S. Code Title 18, Chapter 13, Sections #241& #242:  DEPRIVATION OF RIGHTS UNDER COLOR OF LAW.  Whoever , under any color of any law, deprives a person of any rights, secured by the Constitution, shall be fined or imprisoned.  Did your homework for ya John; no thanks needed.

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