Tensions high in Chicago after armed suspect shot dead

An armed offender was shot multiple times and died following a confrontation with Chicago beat cops Saturday late afternoon.  According to Chicago's police spokesman, a gun and two magazines were recovered at the scene.  As police worked to process the scene, a crowd formed and began chucking rocks and urine-filled bottles at police in the Grand Crossing neighborhood.

With a gun and two magazines, we wonder if the victim was a concealed carry licensee.  At the same time, we know that angry mobs don't usually form over the death of a good guy.

Here's the Tribune's coverage.

A fatal shooting by Chicago police Saturday afternoon fueled a violent clash between officers and a large crowd of onlookers who threw bottles and rocks as cops swung back with batons.

Following the fracas, a comparatively peaceful protest at the Grand Crossing police station stretched into Sunday morning.

The shooting happened around 5:30 p.m. at 2098 E. 71st St., and police took about five hours to bring things under control. Some people screamed “murderers” as officers lined up against them. Some in the crowd held cameras up to take video, while others behind them threw rocks and glass bottles, some filled with urine.

As officers tried to contain the crowd, some of them dragged people to the ground or struck them with batons. Other officers held batons over their heads to ward off people yelling at them.

“You violent mother——-,” one woman in the crowd screamed.

Here's the Trib with what precipitated the shooting.

…The shooting occurred after patrol officers on foot saw a man who was “exhibiting characteristics of an armed person,” Guglielmi said. “He looked like he may have something on him. They go to question him, and at that point a confrontation ensues and he is shot.’’

He had no details of the confrontation, but said the man suffered several gunshot wounds and was pronounced dead at Jackson Park Hospital. A gun and two ammunition magazines were recovered, Guglielmi said.

Antoine Howell, 42, said he worked with the man at the same barbershop for about three years, and during that time had come to admire the man's attitude. The man was supposed to attend Howell's bachelor party Saturday night. He had just given Howell a haircut in preparation for the celebration, then had headed out to buy cigarettes and change his clothes, Howell said.

A Sun-Times reporter said he was hit by officers who rushed a parking lot. “I have my press badge on and identified myself as a reporter, but I got shoved to the ground by two cops who smacked my phone out of my hand,” tweeted Nader Issa.

You can wear a Ronald McDonald outfit, Mr. Issa, (his twitter feed) but if you ebb and flow with an antagonistic crowd, don't expect the police to treat you any differently than the rest of the mob.


Issa remained right in the thick of the aggressive mob as the photo above and the ones below show.  The same mob that trashed two CPD squads and injured four officers with thrown projectiles.


Chicago's finest were not going to allow an antagonistic mob to over-run the crime scene and destroy evidence.


Of course, community agitators ran out and bought some fresh batteries at their corner drug store to power their megaphone to gin up anger in the crowd.

Meanwhile, elsewhere in America, people trolled Issa's twitter feed.

Nobody cares

9 thoughts on “Tensions high in Chicago’s Grand Crossing neighborhood after armed suspect shot dead”
  1. He had to be " running " past a lot of security cameras on all those buildings filming his run.

  2. I am very concerned about this shooting because of the following statement;

    [ The shooting occurred after patrol officers on foot saw a man who was “exhibiting characteristics of an armed person,”  ]

    Was this man a slave? Did the Dred Scott Decision get resurrected?

     The possession of a firearm should not be a crime anywhere in this country. (that includes Illinois)

     This man should never have been profiled in the first place.

    Free men do not need FOID cards; only slaves do!

    Think about it…


    1. I agree.

      If we followed the constitution and Gods law we wouldnt need FOID cards.

      Our Rights should not come with a permission slip from government.  

      The possession of a firearm should not be a crime ANYWHERE and people should not be profiled for being armed. Remember if it can happen to this man it can happen to any man

      P.S. i like your Freemen do not need FOID cards statement; So very true. 

      Gun owners need to vote for Freedom and stop compromising away our Rights.

    2. One. He was disobeying lawful orders to stop.

      Two. He was pulling his gun and pointing it at the cops!

      3.  did you not watch the video? If you haven't go find the video and watch it! Until then keep your flippin mouth shut!



  3. I agree that free men should not need FOID cards and carry licenses in the perfect world.  However neither the world, nor men, are perfect.

    I will say that free men don't draw down on and try to kill police officers when five-oh stops you to ask you questions.

  4. Did that fake father just black the highway because he is so concerned about violence in black neighborhoods?  So how exactly are the police supposed to address murders and shootings?  They see someone exhibiting the characteristics of having a gun, a class than many have attended through the department by the way.  They stop him, he is armed, with extra magazines.  If, as they were try to portray him, a good honest citizen with a Foid card just trying to protect himself. He would have and should have surrendered the gun, gotten the misdemeanor charge and been free after signing his signature.  Instead he pulled away and grabbed his gun.  The media portrayed his turning towards the officers and grabbing his gun as spinning off balance, complete media bias. The community seems to feel that a cop can only defend themselves when someone draws a gun and shoots and hits the officer.  The truth is they don't really car about the truth, they will always say that the cops were wrong.  Look at the interviews done of the community at the scene, they all said that he didn't have no gun.  The police killed him for no reason.  It's amazing the number of witnesses there are during a police involved shooting, and they see ever little detail, like he had an empty holster.  Ask them what happened when someone in the community gets murdered in the middle of the street in daylight and they didn't see nothing.  This community is lost, if what they want is no police then the police should leave them.  The problem is after they slaughter each other they will look out of their community to yours. 

  5. Once again:  U.S. Code, Title 18 (Crime & Punishment), Chapter 13, Sections #241 & #242.  READ IT!!!

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