Are you tired of winning yet?

Nope.  Not me either.


4 thoughts on “TIRED OF WINNING YET? Justice Kennedy Resigning”
  1. So far the list of possible candidates to replace Kennedy are strong constitutionalist. Lets hope that translates into Pro-Gun.

    Please realize Rauner won his court case today against public sector unions in the Janus case.

    This means Madigan will not continue have the captured union funds that he has used to promote Democrat candidates as he as had in the past.

     This means less money for Democrats to promote their GUN CONTROL AGENDA

    I realize Rauner is weak on some social issues but with this Court Ruling, Rauner not only Stuck it too Madigan and the Chicago Democrat machine he stuck it too Democrats nation Wide.

     Please share this information with everyone you know.

    The Janus decision is not Anti-Union, its Anti-Liberal Democrat

  2. Nope.  It feels pretty good not to be kicked around for a change.  Finally we have a man who is not afraid of the media, Democrats or Hollywood.  The Janus decision would have been winning enough for me.  But then the Kennedy retirement?  I think I'm going to take Mrs. Whittemore out for ice cream to celebrate.

  3. The First Amendment is under increasing attack from the left and it was highly gratifying to see some big wins for 1A this week.

    Let's hope the not-too-distant future includes a similar resurgence for our equally critical 2A.

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