Peter Breen sold out gun owners in 2018

Representative Peter Breen (R – 48th / DuPage County) campaigned for State Representative by writing: “I strongly support the Second Amendment’s guarantee of every American’s right to keep and bear arms. I also support the application of the Second Amendment for the benefit of those who wish to concealed carry.”

In fact he received a 93% rating from the National Rifle Association in 2016. (NRA-PVF, 

Not this year though.

This spring, he decided to apply the Barack Obama standard of supporting the Second Amendment.  Now, Rep. Breen can update his campaign literature with this:  “I support eliminating state-wide preemption for long guns to make Illinois a patchwork of laws.  I voted for a three-day wait for modern sporting rifles as if waiting periods ever stopped gang violence in Chicago.  Oh yes, I support a ban on standard capacity magazines and body armor, too.  Because what late night store clerk or cabbie needs to survive an armed robbery?”

Not only that, but Rep. Peter Breen – Mr. “Strongly support the Second Amendment” – voted for gun rationing, gun registration, an end to private gun transfers and gun dealer licensing at the end of May.  He also voted for the Lethal Violence order of protection bill that can strip you of your gun rights without your knowledge or defense.  

And Peter Breen sees no problem in making everyone wait three days to pick up every gun purchase.  But wait?  I thought it was simply fewer existing gun owners buying all these guns?  If we've already got a closet full of guns, what good is a waiting period to "cool off"?

Yes, when gun owners needed Peter Breen to strongly support the Second Amendment, he was busy voting with Michael Madigan and Barbara Flynn Currie to strip you of your gun rights.  Nice turncoat, right?

Thanks Peter Breen.  With friends like you, who needs enemies!

Remember in November

8 thoughts on “IL Representative Peter Breen: He says he’s pro-gun, just like Barack Obama.”
  1. Thanks indeed Peter.  You are a real…  Peter.  Too bad I don't live in your district.  I will tell my DuPage friends about you though.


    1. I agree my cousin Peter is the best pro-gun republican out there. Those leftist scums are slippery serpents that kill babies and take away guns that help us save lives. Stand up in arms Brothers (not sisters because they belong in the kitchen like me) and help me fight the threat of highly educated Democrats. Yes Democrats may statistically be more intellectually inclined and may be known for having impressive college degree, but good grades and an affirmable education are for try hards. Rather than send your children to school, put a gun in their hand and encourage them to aim for the nearest liberal. Also my cousin Peter is wonders in bed Ladies… I would know ;).


      Thanks for your time and undeniable ignorance,

      Peter's Cousin




    2. Wow…I wish I was a Democrat so I was smarter than everyone else, too.  Must be comfortable for you to feel so superior to poor, uneducated, deplorable Republicans.  Thing is, most Democrats I know are union folks who couldn't find a college diploma with both hands & a flashlight.  Fact is, your government recently published a study that says legally armed citizens use their gun for self defense over 100,000 times a year.  Of course, since it's a government survey, that number is completely wrong…it's more like 2 million times a year.  But even if you accept that figure, and assume that in 1% of those incidents the legally armed citizen would most certainly have perished without their firearm, it means that over 1,000 lives are saved each year by folks who own & carry a gun.  How many people have been killed by mass shootings in the last decade?  Approximately 550.  So each year more lives are saved by guns than have been taking in mass shootings over the past 10 years.  And thank you for your undeniable ignorance & stereotyping of your fellow citizens. 

  2. I live in Elmhurst and once a month go to Maxon's me and all of my buddy's voted for this guy….unless he becomes a Democrat he is through with politics…

  3. Bren stab us in the back with his vote and he is an ass-hat for it 


    Have any of you looked at the woman he is running against?

    Shes nuts. She is liberal as hell.  She will not support us in any way shape or form. 

    Bren the Traitor that he is is still a better choice. We need to dump Democrats. 

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