Good news for the good guys!  Guns Save Life, with support from the National Rifle Association's Institute for Legislative Action, filed for a temporary restraining order to block the implementation of the Village of Deerfield's black rifle ban.  Mere hours before the gun ban took effect, a Lake County judge found in favor of our motion and granted the order (.pdf here) in our case. 

The judge cited all manner of flaws in the so-called "amended" ordinance and if his preliminary findings hold, Deerfield has a tough and expensive road ahead to keep their ordinance.  Adamantly defending their flawed local gun ban, the northern suburb has retained outside counsel to defend it.  They now have a high-priced Chicago law firm with ties to the Clinton Foundation (and Fusion GPS) representing them, along with the Brady Campaign, in addition to the village's current Chicago law firm.  Cha-ching. 

While lawyers don't come cheap, money seems no object to the Village of Deerfield's political leaders when it comes to their Quixotic quest to impose gun control upon residents and visitors. 

And all those lawyers couldn't even block Guns Save Life's motion for a temporary restraining order.  Here's their brief in oppotion to our motion for injunctive relief.  Note how Brady & crew threw in a bunch of mass shootings committed with handguns to justify their flawed rifle ban.  Furthermore, they cited a pair of Islamic terror attacks as reason for depriving law-abiding Americans of police patrol-type rifles.  They even use the Sutherland Springs church massacre for justification for disarming Americans – even when that attack ended when a good guy (thank you Stephen Willeford!) brought his own AR-15 to the fight and stopped the massacre.  The Deerfield arguments proved disgraceful.

In the end, the judge found:

(1) The 2018 Ordinance is preempted by the FOIDCA and the FCCA and therefore unenforceable.  (2)  The 2018 Ordinance is a new ordnance (sic) and not an amendment of the 2013 Ordinance and is therefore preempted by FOIDCA and FCCA.  (3)  The 2018 Ordinance does not prohibit ownership or possession of large capacity magazines.


1.  A temporary restraining order is issued enjoining the defendant Village of Deerfield, its agents, officials or police department from enforcing any provision of the 2018 Ordinance relating to the ownership, possession, storage or transportation of assault weapons or large capacity magazines within the Village of Deerfield.


Luis A. Berrones

Now the Illinois State Rifle Association, with the support of the Second Amendment Foundation, has filed a similar suit against the Village of Deerfield.  The ISRA suit also seeks to invalidate the Village's "amended" ordinance banning guns based upon cosmetic appearances.

A second ruling, apparently independent of ours (22 pages vs. our 20 pages) was made in the ISRA/SAF suit, according to Alan Gottlieb.  ISRA was right to crow about it in an email to members last night. 



The Illinois State Rifle Association is pleased to announce the issuing of a Temporary Restraining Order preventing Deerfield Illinois from enforcing their anti-gun ordinance.  We will now seek a permanent injunction.

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Of course, we hope the ISRA and SAF continue on with their suit because, well, the old expression "two is one, and one is none" comes to mind.  Regardless of which suit permanently blocks this local gun ban in its tracks, the important thing remains stopping these gun-grabbing bigots. 

Gun grabbers like these pols in Deerfield say they don’t “feel safe” with good guys with guns nearby.  They sound just like those prejudiced bigots in the 1940s and 50s didn’t “feel safe” with a blacks sitting next to them on a bus, restaurant or classroom.  

Over time, those bigots lost their battles to segregate and marginalize African-Americans.  And America became a better place.  

So too will gun bigots lose their battles to relegate gun owners to second class citizens subject to arrest and imprisonment because we won’t “know our place” and sit down, shut up and give up our guns quietly.

Guns Save Life once again walks the walk and gets results.  Thanks again for your confidence and support. 

If you're not a member of Guns Save Life, today's a great day to join

Today's also a great day to join the NRA if you're not already a memberAnd don't forget to send some love to the NRA's Institute for Legislative Action as well.  Candidly, they are doing a lot of heavy lifting in this endeavor.

17 thoughts on “HUZZAH! Judge Grants Guns Save Life’s Motion to Block Deerfield Gun Ban”

    SAF email: Second Amendment Foundation  In part does not agree with PDF court order above.  

    "SAF was joined in the lawsuit by the Illinois State Rifle Association and Deerfield resident Daniel Easterday, who is a lawful firearms owner. SAF and ISRA had challenged the ban on the grounds that it violates the state’s preemption law that was adopted in 2013. That change amended state statute that declared “the regulation of the possession or ownership of assault weapons are exclusive powers and functions of this State. Any ordinance or regulation, or portion of that ordinance or regulation, that purports to regulate the possession or ownership of assault weapons in a manner that is inconsistent with this Act, shall be invalid…”

    You guys are great!  I continue to support GSL from Texas, this is our fight across the country. 

    I have friends who have asked for asylum for firearms if needed.

  2. I talked with Alan Gottlieb from SAF and he said they got a similar ruling, only theirs was 22 pages long.  I've sent him ours and await his.


  3. Guys this is a Great win but we need to do more. The only way this happened is because enough good people didnt run for public office to over-come this nonsense.

    We need good people to run for every public office possible. Small Town Mayors, city councils, county boards and yes the General Assembly.

    When there are approx 25 seats in the Illinois House with NO challengers other than democrats something is very wrong. 

    I dont care if you dont even claim to be pro-gun in public but seek support – endorsement from Pro-gun groups as the way to acknowledge your pro-gun stance. 

    Even if you dont win by running you force issues like High Taxes and The Bill of Rights  in to the public mind set.

    The Democrats are Communist and they are in power because they seek power to force their agenda. 

    1. Absolutely agree with you but please don’t forget school boards. A lot of our problems today start at the school level.

  4. I like the decision. But more importantly, I like that there are more articles using nomenclature such as "bigots" and "racists" being associated with gun grabbers.  Words matter (e.g. assault rifle vs freedom rifle) so it only plays to the conservative benefit to label these gun grabbers what they really are.

    1. Great video thanks for sharing it, Beautiful self confident conservative women taking control of their own safety and some cool guns too !!!! Meanwhile somewhere a liberal loon woman with a Moe Howard haircut is scowling with the look of constipation and anger while her eunuch husband cowers behind her trembling in fear.

  5. I was the first speaker at the Deerfield meeting that passed the ordinance.  I called them out for bigotry at that time.  Words matter.  This is more than a Second Amendment issue.  Its fundamentally about oppression and bigotry.


  6. Yeah.  They're going to enforce it like the enforce everything else.

    Their news conference was nothing but symbolism.

    I double dog dare them to arrest me the next time I'm in Cook County.


  7. We need to vote this fall and we need to encourage others to vote.

    This election is far more than Rauner vs JB.

    We dont need any democrats in public office unless they are proven Pro-gun and will protect our rights and lower taxes. 

    So please look at other races and vote for our rights. PLUS SHARE THIS WITH OTHERS!


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