Screengrab via YouTube.

Three yutes sneak into a nice home in South Africa, bringing knives to a gun fight they didn’t yet know they were going to experience.   After all, owning guns in South Africa is very difficult, to say the least.

The homeowner here, Craven Coetzee, was sound asleep in bed – apparently a gun in his hand.  How’s that for a low-crime neighborhood?  Yes, he was sleeping with a gun in his hand.

He and his girlfriend (partner, in the “PC” world) had left the alarm disarmed because of a faulty sensor in the window.

He later talked about the incident on a radio station.

Lessons learned?  He says to never lock your gun up in the safe and never disable your alarm.  “Never, ever leave your alarm off.  You’ve got an alarm, so use it!”

The girlfriend heard the cats growl at the intruders and heard sounds in the kitchen, but the light was off.  She then heard a plate and got her gun.

In the end it was about as happy ending as one could have.  The bad guys didn’t get killed.  There were only bullet holes to fix, not blood and guts to clean up.

And, we found out who wears the pants in that relationship.  (Hint:  She does.)

“Do you both sleep with guns?” the radio guy asked.

“Yes,” Mr. Coetzee answered.  He went on to say, “Never underestimate someone with a knife in his hand.”

Oh yeah, he says you keep shooting too.




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  1. He better be good on a reload, because there’s only so much “keep shooting” you can do with a five-shot revolver! (Unless you’re in Hollywood.)

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