Our condolences go out to Trevor Casper’s family, and to the Wisconsin State Police.

Trevor Casper was fatally wounded shooting it out with a murderer and bank robber creating a one-man violent crime spree.  His courage and valor under fire probably saved countless additional lives.

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Fond du Lac, WI (iwantthenews.com) – A Wisconsin State Trooper with Kiel ties was killed in a Fond du Lac shootout with a bank robbery suspect Tuesday.

Trevor Casper, a 2011 Kiel High School graduate, died in an exchange of gunfire during a standoff with an alleged bank robber who had been involved in a crime spree that started in Wausaukee in Marinette County.

The suspect also died in the shooting incident which took place after Casper intercepted the alleged robber and carjacker in Fond du Lac.

The initial robbery took place in Wausaukee, with the suspect taking off with a bank employee’s vehicle.

One other person is believed to have died in the crime spree, as a man was found shot dead lying next to a running vehicle near Wausaukee. It is believed the Fond du Lac shooter had stolen a second vehicle in the process.

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Casper earned his rank as a Wisconsin State Trooper in December 2014.





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(Fox11) – …During a media briefing in Fond du Lac Tuesday night, police said at approximately 5:30 p.m. the state trooper was following a vehicle that matched the description of a bank robbery suspect’s car in the 100 block of Berger Parkway. There was an exchange of gunfire and both the state trooper and suspect were killed.

Law enforcement agencies had Berger Parkway blocked off to traffic and some residents hours after the shooting.

Fond du Lac police said at 4:25 p.m. a man entered the Hometown Bank, located on North Peters Avenue, and presented a note to the teller saying it was a robbery and to hand him over money. The man took an undisclosed amount of cash and left the bank.

Meanwhile, at 1:47 p.m. the Marinette County Sheriff, Wisconsin State Patrol, the Wisconsin Department of Justice and Green Bay/Brown County SWAT were on scene of another bank robbery at the State Bank of Florence in the Village of Wausaukee.

Then at 2:35 p.m. Marinette County authorities responded to Jermac Road just south of State Highway 180. Authorities found a pick-up truck that was still running and a man dead. Officials believe the man was in his 60s.

Investigators say the robbery suspect left that location in another vehicle after encountering the male victim and shooting him.

4 thoughts on “R.I.P.: Wisconsin State Trooper fatally shot while stopping violent criminal”
  1. America lost a brave young man.

    What a shame.

    All because some savage dirtbag thought it was okay to go around stealing money and killing people.

    You died a hero, Trooper Casper.

    Thank you for what you did and your service.

    Rest in peace.

  2. I think it’s safe to say the entire gun owner community sends its condolences to the trooper’s family.

    Godspeed, Trevor.


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