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Universal Background Checks!  Gun Violence Restraining Orders!

It’s the new mantra of the gun prohibitionists seeking to disarm Americans, citing the so-called prevalence of mental illness in those who criminally and violently misuse guns.

The reality is far from the gun control activists claims, as noted by a Duke University Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences.

Here it is:

Duke University Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences Jeff Swanson cautioned that the link between gun violence against others and diagnosable mental health is, in fact, very small. “Twenty-eight percent of gun-disqualifying records are related to mental health,” he said. “But only 4 percent of those who commit gun violence have a serious mental illness. If we waved a magic wand and eliminated all diagnosable mental health problems, we’d have 96 percent of the same gun violence.

Further, said Swanson, “If someone has a mental illness and commits a violent crime, the illness might not even be the reason why.”

Which mirrors the national average of 4.1% of the population which has a serious mental illness, per the National Institute of Mental Health.

6 thoughts on “TENUOUS LINK: Serious mental illness involved in tiny percentage of gun violence”
  1. Beware this slippery slope.

    There are “professionals” in the psychiatric community who think Christianity is a mental illness, but pedophilia is not.

    To Obama, redefining “mental illness” is just another mechanism for denying the Americam people their right to self-defense.

  2. There are 2 videos on an alternative news site regarding this issue of “mental Illness.” In one a woman in Long Island New York was locked up and evaluated after a confrontation with law enforcement. She was accused of a mental deficiency because of the claims that she made trying to prove her innocence during the encounter. These claims were never investigated by the police or the hospital and were later determined to be true. the second was a man video taping in back of a police station as a 1st amendment protest. During his encounter with the LEO he was insulted, taunted, and perhaps the most disturbing aspect of this was he was threatened to be locked up in a mental hospital and evaluated because the officer said he was unsure of his mental health. The officer later got the name of his company and indicated that he was going to initiate contact with them because he was concerned about his mental state even though the man was obviously in his right mind. This was a complete attempt to compel the man to submit to this officers ego and authority. All this to say that we need to be vigilant in defending ourselves and others against the tactic of using mental health evaluations as a weapon to force compliance.

  3. According to the “gun grabbers”, anyone who has or wants to own any type of firearm is mentally deranged, their way of assuring no one will “legally” own any firearms.

  4. Dmgl is right. Leftists think anyone who disagrees with them is insane. Don’t believe me? Just ask them!

  5. So, if only 4% of criminals are crazy in the head, and their crazy may not be a factor in their criminal acts, what percentage is their crazy a factor? 1%? .01% .001%

    Or is this just a wild goose chase to make another group ineligible to own guns?

    What’s next? People who drink? People who take anti-depressants? People who take ADD meds? People who sleep too much? People who wet their beds as children? People who drank milk as kids? People who were given formula instead of breast milk as infants?

  6. Mental health is the avenue to gun confiscation..
    Politicians and media push gun control in a dishonest manner..

    American Psychiatric Asso: Half of Americans are mentally ill..
    After crafting by politicians it will be everybody except them..

    300 million prescriptions for psychiatric drugs written in 2009 alone..
    does your child have ADHD… careful for what you ask

    Eastern Europe prior to WW11 was disarmed using mental health..

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