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Here’s something to brighten up your weekend, unless you’re Rahm Emanuel or Father “Snuffy” Phleger!

Guns Save Life is known for it’s popular and ever-growing monthly grassroots meetings in several cities in downstate Illinois. With consistent regular turnout between fifty and two hundred fifty people at our meeting locations, it’s a good time. We have featured speakers each month, a technical presentation about a particular firearm or type of firearm, a gun drawing and great fellowship with like-minded gun owners just like yourself.

The meetings are educational and fun. We sometimes say “history comes to life” with some of our speakers, while others provide remarkable insight into mindset issues, the firearms industry, and opportunities to grow and improve your skills as a responsible gun owner.

Here’s a video documentary about Guns Save Life.


We’re bringing our fun and exciting monthly meetings to Chicago by summertime.  We’ve identified some leaders already willing to help spearhead the new meeting locations, and we’re looking for a few more good people to help.  We’re looking for folks both north, south and west, potentially to run three separate GSL meetings each month in Chicagoland.

We’ve identified several volunteers thus far and are looking for a few more good men and women. If you’re interested in helping out in some capacity, or can offer logistical support, contact GSL’s President Bear St. Pierre at 217 480-2327 (217 480-BEAR) or at

Our goal is to have the leadership committee set up, a (gun-friendly) meeting location identified and to promote the inaugural meeting by summertime. Why bring GSL’s style of activism and public education to Chicago? Yes, on a per-capita basis, there’s not (yet) a high rate of gun ownership among Chicagolands millions of law-abiding residents. However, there are many hundreds of thousands of gun owners in a small geographical area and we want to help them educate their friends, neighbors and most importanly, elected representatives on the proven benefits of firearms ownership.

We’ll see you soon, Rahm.


8 thoughts on “HELP WANTED: GSL bringing our monthly meetings to Chicago”
  1. I concur with DM.

    Things have changed dramatically in Chicago in since passage of CCW. Good guys can now fight back.

    THere’s lots of good guys in Chicago that could benefit from GSL’s education and training programs.

  2. When you say “Chicago” I hope you are also considering venues in the suburbs,for those of us who try not to give the city a dime in parking fees, sales tax, etc.

  3. Leave it to GSL to be the group that brings pro-gun activism to Chicago when other groups can’t or won’t.


    1. Hey Sam,

      I wanted to make a comment about your rant on Cytheria’s home invasion story. You cry and whine that the individuals in the story are black, you go on to accuse the writer of picking out the story because the perps are black. You are wrong, if a gang of individuals were white, it would’ve been the same story, cytheria is popular.

      To a hammer, every problem looks like a nail; it is in fact you, that are racist, that is why you try to foment hatred and accuse others of what you obsess about.

  4. Sam, we haven’t gone up there in the past for a number of reasons (logistics, identified volunteers, gun laws, proximity to GSL’s core, etc.), but times have changed and those reasons have been rendered moot thanks to great people stepping up, not only in Chicagoland, but also downstate.

    It’s a great time for GSL and we’re making hay while the sun is shining upon us.

    These are exciting times.


    1. Wouldn’t it be great to have a GSL meeting right uptown next to the “tiny dancer’s” office? But of course it would be posted a “gun-free” killing zone.

  5. Russ, most of the currently identified sites are suburbs. Mostly like one on the North side, one on the South side, and potentially West as well. For those North of I-80 currently, the closest meeting is Pontiac. A little over an hour for some south and west siders. Pontiac meets the 1st Tuesday of the month at the VFW.

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