Michael Bloomberg pledged $50 million to his new Everytown for Gun Control organization.

What has that bought?

Ineptitude, incompetence, and one do-nothing, bench warming Congressman by the name of Robin Kelly.

And a Facebook page that seems to be the center of their efforts.  We seldom visit their Facebook page, but a post by Miguel at Gun Free Zone was too juicy to pass up.

First, about Facebook:  Assuming you’re even (still) on Facebook, fewer and fewer young people are participating on what used to be “the” social media hangout for those 30 and under.  Like bell-bottom jean, parachute pants and Benetton stores, the fad of Facebook has run its course.  Translation:  Fewer and fewer people see Everytown’s Facebook posts.

Given the shrill nature of so many of their Facebook entries, we suspect they are resorting to hyperbole and make-believe in an effort to sensationalize their content and reach more people within their little echo chamber.

What sort of sensationalism are they employing?  Here’s an example from a few hours ago.  (No, we’re not including a link as we’re not driving thousands of unique visitors to their Facebook page.)

Photo via Facebook.

Shoot first culture?

They’re using this man to try to convince everyday Americans to oppose their own right to self-defense from America’s criminal class?

This guy:






Frankly, it’s young, drug using thugs just like Tray Tray Martin who have inspired millions of Americans to go out and buy one or more firearms to defend their homes and families from violent attack.

What else is on the Everytown Facebook page?


Shilling for more “cause” bracelets.

If I saw someone walking around with this on their wrist, I’d probably lump them into the same pigeon hole I’d put someone with 32 bumper stickers on the back of their 20-year-old Volvo.

Photo via lostwackys.com

2 thoughts on “CRAY CRAY: Bloomberg’s Everytown Facebook page brimming with silliness”
  1. Shoot first?

    I suppose being jumped and having your skull cracked open by repeated pounding against the sidewalk doesn’t constitute an imminent threat of death or grave bodily harm and thus doesn’t justify the use of deadly force? Seriously?

    Then I have to admit to being a bit confused. If we are supposed to meekly submit to criminal activity, why don’t they come right out and advocate for a ban on locked doors? Are all women supposed to submit to rape, too? I don’t believe Bloomberg keeps his vast fortune in stacks of small bills on an unguarded sidewalk for anyone to take, does he?

    Perhaps we should abandon the very notions of self defense and private property. Mr. Bloomberg, would you care to go first?

  2. I have a better idea,let’s end America’s douchebag thug culture,one douchebag thug at a time if necessary.

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