Ladies and gents:  We need you to join your fellow gun owners on a little mission this Friday morning.  Robin Kelly, the Congressman that Michael Bloomberg bought into office, will be hosting a community meeting to introduce her brand of gun control in Bradley, IL.

No doubt the mainstream media will be there.

We need gun owners there to let her know that we don’t support Billionaire blowhard Michael Bloomberg’s gun control schemes.  To the contrary, we want to crash her forum and interrupt her attempt to bring unpopular and unwanted big-city nanny-state governance to America.

Be there Friday.


From our good friends at ISRA:

Robin Kelly, Bloomberg’s hand-picked congresswoman from the 2nd Illinois District will be holding a “community forum” to advance the nationwide passage of New York-style gun control. At the forum, Kelly will be advancing her vision of an America where private firearm ownership is an expensive and impractical rarity.

Those of you familiar with Kelly’s agenda know her for advocating:

  • Ammunition Registration
  • A ban on target rifles, pistols shotguns
  • Government lawsuits to run gun manufacturers out of business
  • Government approval of gun design and performance characteristics
  • Mandatory “smart gun” technology
  • Gun confiscation prompted by angry family members or jilted lovers.
  • A larger, more intrusive ATF
  • Elimination of personal privacy for those who own guns
  • Taxpayer-funded government programs to discourage private gun ownership

Robin Kelly is a major threat to your right to keep and bear arms.


Attend Robin Kelly’s “community forum” on Friday, February 6, 2015 at the Quality Inn, 800 Kinzie, Bradley, Illinois. RSVP at  

Plan to be at the hotel at 11:00 AM at the latest.

Even if you are told that the forum is “full,” plan to be there anyway. Gun owners must show up in large numbers to let Kelly know that we won’t be bullied into surrendering our rights.

Pass this Alert on to your friends and family – tell them to show up at the “community forum” as well to protect the 2nd Amendment.  Post this alert to any and all Internet blogs and bulletin boards to which you belong.

9 thoughts on “ALL HANDS ON DECK! Let’s crash Robin Kelly’s anti-gun forum”
  1. $2 million to buy a Congressman?

    If Bloomberg’s ideology wasn’t so unamerican, he wouldn’t need to buy a Congressman.

  2. I just passed this on to the fine folks at Overpasses For America… not sure they will be able to rally the troops on such short notice. I’m going to try to be there. I hope you all can be too.

  3. Couldn’t. Go inside. Cold wind. About 30 of us showed up. Had About 6. Sighns. I had a small flag. Was a invitational dinner put on by chamber of commerce with Her being the speaker. We should have stayed til it was over and. They all left. But we were on shoulder of the road. Not the safest place with all the snow there. Next time we’ll do better !!!

  4. I had heard more people showed up but left when they were told they couldn’t go in. We still had a pretty good group outside but I don’t think most people showed up prepared to stand out in the cold. Still we put in an appearance and the media was there. I think not having a clear leader or plan might have held us back a little but I think most people didn’t find out about this until the last minute. I stayed until I had to get going to grab something to eat and get to work.

    If anyone would like to do some more standing up for your rights, check out Overpasses For America at either info) or on Facebook look for Overpasses For America – Illinois for the state page.

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