Pity poor Shannon Watts, aka Shannon Troughton, President and owner of of VoxPop Public Relations, a boutique liberal PR firm.

She’s trying really hard to manipulate public opinion with sleight of hand, but it’s not going so well for her.

She put up this Twitter post yesterday, to justify what Michael Bloomberg is paying her for her working girl skills.

So, an arrest record should be cause for disbarring someone the right to keep and bear arms?

Miguel over at Gun Free Zone came up with this:

Simply brilliant.

7 thoughts on “MOMS DEMAND FAIL: Arrest equals conviction?”
  1. I’m feeling slow today ’cause I don’t get this. Why would a picture of Martin Luther King Jr. Make this add potent? Better watch out King he could have a gun? Can’t trust King? People like Kimg are dangerous?

    It would seem that this is a between pro-gun post.

    1. Poor thumb placement & automatic spell corrector doesn’t work well together. The post should read, “It would seem this is a better pro-gun post.”

  2. So the guy, (not MLK, King picture covers picture of guy with “arrest record”), was arrested, WHAT was he CONVICTED of, was he arrested for a misdemeanor and paid a fine? Just because someone has been arrested does not mean he is ineligable to own, or carry a firearm.
    Where is Paul Harvey with the “rest of the story”?

  3. Why is it noted on the receipt “#open carry Glock”? Do the “momsdemandaction” wackos have “people” monitoring anyone going into Kroger stores to draw attention to firearms owners/carriers?

  4. IGOLD March 18. We need to show our new Governor and Shannon Watts that we don’t stay home on the couch and mail it in.

  5. Who needs the Constitution, anyway?

    Especially since we’ve got Shannon Watts and Michael Bloomberg to save America from greatness.

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