Jan 30, 2015


The February 2015 issue of GunNews is available for download.

If you want to get your copy in the mail a week or two before we post it online, you can join Guns Save Life Members enjoy a host of benefits, including receiving a printed copy in the mail each month, priority assistance from our legal defense fund for improper gun-related arrests, Civilian Marksmanship Program membership, ownership in our famous highway sign program and much, much more.

We distributed over a thousand copies at the Chicago Gun Show and Outdoor Expo recently and it was well received – by 99% of folks.  The headline proved a little sensitive for some.

There were some very sensitive 1%ers there.

“Your publication is spreading hate, not love,” one man said.

“You’re racists!” another man screeched, throwing a copy of GunNews towards one of our volunteers.

Well, ya know, you can’t please everyone all of the time.

4 thoughts on “GUNNEWS IS UP!”
  1. Not all Muslims are terrorists, but most of the terror attacks against U.S citizens in recent years have been committed by Muslims.

  2. As comedian Dennis Leary said in response to complaints of arab profiling following 9/11: “it’s not like we were attacked by the
    f####### Swiss!”

  3. If you want to understand the impact of Islam in the USA then do a web search on Islam and Dearborn Michigan.

    1. Bill, I hope you are not referring to that hoax article that claimed Dearborn was under Sharia law. There is a large Muslim population there (and other parts of the Detroit area as well), like Chicago Ridge, but they haven’t become “no-go zones”.

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