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One St. Louis motorist wasn’t going to be the next Reginald Denny as up to 75 agitators began swarming and beating on his vehicle and breaking windows.  The hooligans and troublemakers were unlawfully in the street employing the “intimidation” tactic they’ve been so keen to employ upon passersby since the grand jury’s announcement refusing to charge Officer Darren Wilson in the death of St. Michael Brown.

The “protesters” said the man hit several of their ilk with his van, but these people have demonstrated their inability to distinguish fact from fiction (see the grand jury testimony).

The man had called 9-1-1 for help and eventually made it out of the intersection where he was attacked.

Police arrested the man in an effort to defuse the situation.

We’re curious who the man is.  He looks as though he’s got his poop in a group judging by how he’s handling that firearm, how he’s dressed and how he handled the situation.

Here’s the story from one media outlet.


The locals in St. Louis are getting fed up with the antagonistic, bullying temper tantrum from those who are so quick to break the law during these protests.

From Gateway Pundit.
10 thoughts on “SAM COLT MADE HIM EQUAL: St. Louis motorist draws gun as “protesters” break windows on van”
  1. Probably should tweak the wording to say he didn’t want to become the next Reginald Denny. Rodney was a high-as-a-kite criminal who disobeyed police commands. Reginald was law-abiding working white guy nearly murdered in the name of “justice” by savages.

    And heck yes, that’s the guy I want to car pool with!

  2. The cops arrested the guy to defuse the situation ? what about the criminals that attacked him ? I hope he files a false arrest lawsuit.

  3. The rioting will stop when law abiding citizens start shooting [troublemakers],if a troop or tribe of [troublemakers] attack your vehicle damaging it and trying to get to you to do you harm,what else are you going to do? The rioting [troublemakers] beat a White man to death with hammers just because he was White,he was stupid to be in a [troublemakers] infested area with a bunch of cowardly cops that will do nothing but that doesn’t excuse him being there,when in doubt,take the [troublemakers] out,your family will be happy you did.


    You can articulate your thoughts without using that particular pejorative, right? I know you can.

    While we’re not about PC here, we don’t use that word.



  4. Goose,

    The cops have been ordered to stand down. It’s not a lack of bravery or courage to meet these trouble-making hoodlums head on, because frankly, bullies usually fold pretty quickly if it’s a fair fight.


  5. The driver was later released according to The Gateway Pundit.

    Cops OBEYING an order to stand down in the face of obvious law breaking and citizen danger are not upholding their sworn duty. And the citizens they depend upon for support and in whose community they live have noticed that broken oath.

    Without his weapon, would that innocent man have been beaten to a bloody pulp? Just ask that white protestor who wound up in a hospital bed. Training in armed self defense is becoming more important than ever for the everyday man and woman.

  6. Good for him. Maybe we need to tweak the saying, it looks like Gaston Glock (with an assist from Surefire) made him equal to the mob surrounding him.

  7. “Police arrested the man in an effort to defuse the situation.”

    That is actionable at law. There is no constitutional authority for sacrificial lambs.

    Either there was probable cause to arrest, or there wasn’t. Since he was under attack by a group of ‘protestors’, disparity of force existed and he was lawfully justified in drawing his weapon.

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