Indianapolis Metro Police came upon a Mossberg shotgun concealed inside a Super Soaker watergun.

So much for simple-minded laws requiring fake guns to be brightly colored and/or have orange tips on the barrel.

8 thoughts on “FOLLY: “Toy guns must be brightly colored””
  1. I fail to see why they even make toy guns,kids today aren’t responsible enough to play with them and adults certainly don’t need them.The cops shot a 12 year old XXXXXXXX the other day because he didn’t have brains enough to not go to a park and point it at people,his parents probably sent him there to do what he did hoping the cops would shoot him so they could stir up some more shit and get themselves a settlement,they can always have more XXXXXXXX and probably already have a whole tribe of XXXXXXXX .

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    Chief/Goose: Knock off the racial slurs.

    Thank you.

    1. I will agree with the fact that the parents of that kid were partially to blame because they were too stupid or lazy to teach their kid NOT to point it at people, or police. However, I disagree with your idea to ban all toy guns. As my son has at least 10 various nerf guns and squirt guns. He and all his friends LOVE coming over and playing with them, just as I did when I was a kid. Heck, most times I still grab one and play “Army” with them. As for your comment about not being responsible enough to have them, again I disagree. My son is only 8 years old and yet already knows firearm safety and marksmanship as I have been teaching him this since he was 6 years old. Honestly he has better safety awareness and fundamentals than several adults I have seen at various gun ranges in the last couple years!
      But I digress. My point here is that why should banning ALL toy guns be the answer, when in reality this was an issue with poor ass parenting skills by those who should have never bred in the first place.

    2. Chief,

      “Ni66let” is not appropriate for this web site.

      As far as kids with toy guns. Kids have been playing with toy weapons for centuries.

  2. Those words will be removed shortly. I have informed the editor. And to the poster who continues to use this vile word, STOP. Enough said.

  3. Before the post is removed, let me point out that you, sir, need to review the video of that shooting.

    That was just another instance of cop murder ……..

    The senior officer (driving) pulled up to the suspect who was alleged in the 911 call to have been threatening/waving a gun. He pulled within eight feet, leaving his rookie colleague no choice but to jum pout and shoot.

    It’s murder.

    All they had to do was stop sixty feet back and address the “suspECT” by P.A. system. Nobody would have been hurt.

    The cops need to be put down.

    1. There was no “allege” to the video I saw of this kid waving and pointing that gun at people. So they stop 60 feet away and address the suspect on the PA system. Turns out it’s real gun and suspect runs off and shoots an innocent person because the cops who are sworn to protect the public are unable to bring him down from 60 feet away. It’s very troubling that this happened, but lets wait for an official investigation before accusing someone of murder.

  4. Those that want to mandate bright colors for toy guns need to be given a Cerakote catalog to look at to see the folly of their brainstorm.

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